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Hi, new here

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Hello all, I'm new here and live in North Wales.

I'm a straight guy looking to develop rope and Dom skills with a female partner or partners, I am also looking for friends (any gender) who I can just chat kink with and learn new stuff.


Anyone from Gwynedd/ Conwy area on here?



Hey Goddard welcome to the site. You say you want to develop Dom and rope skills, so have you had any experience of dominating anyone or using rope on anyone before? Have you had any luck finding anyone to help you practice yet? I can certainly help with advice on the Dom side of things, but I'm a bit too far away form you to be able to help teach you new rope skills as that really needs to be done in person for the best practice and retention. Mind you I would definitely recommend getting yourself a good book about the various types of knot's that can be used and applied in various situations and for various effects. I'd recommend the Knot Tying Bible as a good place to start getting used to rope work and building a solid foundation for your skill set. If you need any advice or someone to talk about kink subjects, my door is always open.



Thanks for your reply. 

I've had a little experience yes, I'm not sure if the experience I've had would be entirely accepted by the community as such as until recently I have had no point of reference. Everything is have done had been entirely consensual and passionate I would just say perhaps unskilled or refined.

I have bought the two knotty boys first book which I quite like, it's funny in places but quite good, I am looking to build a collection of good books so thanks for your recommendation and offer for advice, I will highly likely take you up on that offer.

Many thanks indeed :-)


Glad to hear your already exploring and learning. I also happy to hear that your play so far has been consensual and passionate. Consent is the cornerstone of the BDSM world, without consent what your doing isn't play it's just abuse so it's worth keeping that in mind. I wouldn't worry too much about having unrefined skills at the moment. we were all newbies to the scene once upon a time and we all have to start somewhere. Best of luck on your adventures 


Hi Goddard, welcome to the site. I agree with everything Robustlove has said. I can't really offer any advice for your particular scenario as I'm just a newbie myself. However please don't feel that your experiences won't be accepted by the community. There is always a wide variety of individuals on sites like this from newbies too the very experienced. Everything is not everyone's cup of tea but we are not judges we are people like you sharing our experiences, learning new things and getting to know new people. Enjoy the site. 


Thanks guys.

@Robustlove, consent is of paramount concern with me, I understand all too well the implications and damage that can be done ?