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sissy maid seek dominant lady to serve

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sissy maid seeking work in a female dominated establishment / free house keeping/submissive sissy maid duties

 i very much hope you will allow me to serve you as your sissy maid, i will show total devotion and loyalty obaying your every order and respect any punishment you may serve upon me  and show complete gratitude to my female superior mistress , you shall have complete power over me , so you can control me  in any way you please ,no doubt you will lock me in chastity, and keep me plugged as i serve you 24/7 i shall always curtsey you when i ever enter a room you maybe residing, and i show always curtsey you when ever you enter a room i maybe residing, i shall always greet you first thing in a morning and prepare your breakfast, i shall arrange your wardrobe for daily attire you may require, i will run all your baths,  and wash your hair, and shave your legs ,  and prepare your bikini line and any other body treatments you may require me to do, like paint your nails , massage your feet after a long day at work,  i shall always dress you, put your shoes on when leaving the home, and i shall always remove your shoes when you arrive home, i shall prepare your evening wear if you ever decide to have a night in while i serve you throughout the evening,  i will cook your every meal, do all your washing and ironing, and i shall hand wash all your undergarments,  take out the rubbish, clean the toilet so it is to your satisfaction ,  you will never need to worry about doing anything, you will require me to prepare you for all your dates, while i  stay at home keeping the house clean and tidy while you are out with your lover, i must always cater to guests you may invite back to the house , i must remain quiet , while you are entertaing your guest, i must be ready to perform my cuckold duties as and when you require me to carry out clean up duties to both you and your lover,  i shall always wear my maids uniform around the house to remind me of my place in life as your pathetic little docile sissy maid, i must carry out anything you may ask of me , whether it be catering to all your house hold parties that you may host, i must curtsey all guests once i answer the door, taking their coats and escorting them to the dinning area,  i must offer all guests a drink, and showing all guests to the toilet if and when i am required to, as i mince about in front of all the guests as both you and everyone else totally humiliates me, while i am serving food and drink throughout the evening,  i will never complain , you may even decide to use me as your human toilet as and when i am required to,  i will show complete gratitude for what ever i receive, showing total loyalty and obedience at all times,  while you show me the way to complete sissification, at some point you may require me to be completely emasculated by having me undergo a castration proceedure , this will make me totally complient to all your needs as you turn me into your litte obedient sissy maid faggot ,  i will completely worship you, i will kneel before you and kiss your feet as a sign of respect and loyalty towards you,  i am only here for your total amusement , i will totally love honor and obey you at all times *** curtsey my mistress ***thank you Ma'am for reading this note,   ***  curtsey*** Ma'am   
your sissy maid