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Newcastle upon Tyne.

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Hi, I'm visiting Newcastle City Centre soon for work and staying in the city centre for a few nights. In fact it's the day after my birthday, so I thought it would be good to go to a munch or dungeon. Does anyone know what goes on weekdays for a slave to enjoy.  Thanks for your time.


the North East is fairly active for munches

it's far from me to list every one especially not without the organisers consent (some are a bit fragile) and a lot kind of depends on when "soon" is - as munches tend to be monthly rather than weekly.

this week, for example, it's Sunderland munch - not exactly Newcastle City Centre (theirs is a Sunday at the end of each month) but only a short hop on the Metro.

Dungeon wise - the North East is sadly lacking.  The Chambers in Blyth is shut for maintenance (the last time it shut for maintenance it didn't reopen for 3 years)  and the premise in Durham is strictly membership only on a strict vetting system.

There are a couple of privately owned dungeons (just google for local Pro Dommes to find them) and of course events with dungeon like Liber8 (next one is May) and PlayL8 (23rd Feb - also a membership event but slightly less strict on vetting) but those are ones where equipment is brought in. 


Greatly appreciate your time to respond black sheep. I will be there 20th and 21st. I will research on Google for private ones. Cheers again.


yep - checked the calendar and there's not really and suitable munches on those dates.   Enjoy.

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