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Advice on buying toys

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I just want some advice on buying toys, obviously I’ve never really bought toys before, mainly resorted to foods and diy, but now I wanna go more permanent, I’m after a dildo, butt plug and some other things, maybe a Chasity or gag, I’d like to know where I would be looking in price ranges, I don’t want to spend too much on so little obviously, websites and stores would be great, I live in Newcastle upon Tyne so any good cheep(ish) store would be nice to know about, also any tips and experiences would be nice to hear about 


there is a little rule about getting what you paid for 

lovehoney has OK stuff for the price range, but, a lot of the stuff really is lower end/beginner - nothing wrong with that.

in Newcastle - someone to watch out for is Jos, who runs Jos' Kink Store - he doesn't have a physical premise and he travels around doing a lot of trading - somewhere he trades at is PlayL8 although the next event isn't until June 8 - but, does have the advantage you can see the items in person

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Bondara are pretty good they have good guides on things alongside the customer reviews always got deals on too
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