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Choking - Did something go wrong?

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So, my boyfriend and I recently tried choking, since we were just starting out we were very cautious and went light, we both did research on safety but ever since my throat has felt like it's closing or like there is still pressure there? I'm worried, because it's been about a month and it's still there? Is this normal and is there anything I can do to help this feeling?

this may sound really wierd, but shout/yell loudly for a semi extended period of time so that it feels a bit rough on your voice, idk why but it helps

Hi strawberrymilk fairy, my Moobles has given you a good tip, doing this opens your airways and trachea and puts pressure on them to open properly and fully, which may alleviate your symptoms. There are other methods of basically forcing your throat to resume it's normal workings after it has been crushed a bit too much or the surrounding muscular tissue damaged. But before doing any of these I would suggest getting some ibuprofen and take it to help reduce the swelling and inflammation, which should ease your symptoms in 24hrs. Also using an ice-pack will help to reduce the swelling/inflammation, so apply one and keep it there for as long as you can.   


One of these it to buy a set of 3-5 large balloons and sit down and take the time to blow them up one after the other even if you feel you can't do it. This will really push your airways and work them out, so that they can expand back into their usual space allotted by your body.


I'd also try lifting your head up and extending your chin until you feel the front of your throat tighten and hold that for 3-10 seconds depending on what you can stand. Do this 3-5 times in succession and see is this helps as it will work to strengthen and work those muscles.


Also try placing as much of your tongue as you can between your teeth and then swallowing five times. try this a few times and again it will work muscle in your throat area and help to pull anything right that may have gone wrong. 


Lastly I would ask what type of pressure was applied to your neck. Many people don't realise that choking is the number one cause of death in BDSM play and this can be a dangerous form of play for those who are inexperienced. For example did your partner put pressure on the sides of your neck with his fingers and fingertips or did he use his palm to put pressure on your windpipe and crush the front of your throat?

Crushing the windpipe and frontal pressure is a dangerous was to choke anyone and without a lot of practice and can run a real risk of permanent damage if your not skilled in that way. The best thing for your bf to do is to get good at cutting of your oxygen by focusing on the cartoid arteries that run either side of your neck, using only thumb and finger pressure as opposed to palm pressure. Once enough pressure is applied to the oxygen carrying cartoids, your brain will be starved of oxygen in the same way that a crushed windpipe will deprive you of oxygen, but doesn't run the risk of crushing injuries to your trachea. 


I hope some of that helped and please let us know how you get on. If it gets any worse after trying some or all of the above then I would seek medical assistance even if it ends up just being unneeded and more reassurance than anything else.