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How do I know if a dom is a fake money grabber do real doms ask for you to purchase toys from a specific seller ?

Any "Dom" who asks you for money is a fraud!
If they ask for money in any way before a meet up they're more than likely a fraud, I guess the only exception would be a findom who does their work via Skype or the likes, latexbarbie for example. I wouldn't hand any money over to anyone who can't verify who they are by video in real time!

A real Dom/Domme will pay attention to you. There will be a lot of questions about you and your kinks and your quirks, and no requests  for toys, money or anything else. No requests for nudes either. 

A real Dom/Domme will probably want to meet you fairly quickly, because there is no point wasting time if there is no connection. Someone who is not willing to meet for coffee in a vanilla surroundings is a red flag. 

I'm a switch, so I've been on both sides of the slash. Initial conversation and meetings are to establish compatibility and connection. Not credit limit. 

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I would say if you're feeling any doubt about the person, listen to your instinct. There's probably something not right going on there. 

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