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Newbie - anyone got any tips and advice?

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I started to get interested in all this around 7 years ago, but other than using pink fluffy handcuffs from the hen party section of pound world I've never done anything so I don't actually know what I like. I think I'm a switch leaning more towards sub, any advice and tips are welcome.

Also, I'm moving to Cardiff soon. Does anyone know any suitable groups or clubs around there? 


Thanks I'm planning on going to the October one because I'll be moving in over September  


Hi - I would say do what you're doing - communicate via forums and websites like these.  Maybe friend someone in the same area and see if they want to go along to some local events as well.


I tihnk you would soon find your feet / place and enjoy your exploration ;)


There is an Events Section????

There is a swingers night every Friday in Newport, they have a bit of a get together and a quiet drink to get to know each other before choosing play or do what they like etc. 

shoot me a pm and I'd be happy to tell you more about the local Scene babe 


Sounds like you're off to a great start. Finding yes/no/maybe lists online can be a good way to see what the options are and to start thinking about what you might like. I also think it's helpful to read kinky erotica to get an idea of what turns you on before you try it yourself.