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Newbie-Female Dominant with submissive husband

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so hubby and I have been married almost 6years and have played on the edges of a dom/sub relationship for a few years on and off but wanting to take things further, and go a little deeper with it, neither of us really knows what we're doing, so looking for any advice or making friends with someone who is an experienced female Dom to learn from, today I've sent hubby to work in a cock cage for the first time and I have the key :) 

but not sure where to go from there...

any help would be greatly appreciated thanks

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If you're Domme & he's sub make him suck someone's cock!

Im curious too....ha88fh



I don't feel like this is something either one of us would enjoy, he hasn't expressed any wish to be sexual with another person and I'm not really into watching him with anyone else either, also the relationship (no matter what we may find sexually exciting) is about mutual respect so if it's not something that will turn him on as well as me then it would be a huge betrayal of trust or that's how I would see it if it was the other way around. I like that I am in control of sex and he has to pleasure me before getting any sexual gratification himself but ultimately he will get just as much pleasure as me, so I wouldn't want to force him into being sexual with someone else male or female. Thanks for the comment though :) some people would likely be totally up for the suggestion but it's not for us 

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Thanks for your considerable reply,it was just a thought... newbie too( blush!)