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So myself and my husband have been married for a few years now. We both have a varied taste when it comes to sex. 

The advice I seek is on humiliation. My husband is in to cbt big time which was a little strange for me to get used to but I'm finally getting there. I still find it hard to purposely hurt him sometimes. It's not something that come naturally as I have low self confidence but I'm taking the opportunity to release my anger on him haha.

He has said about cuckolding which is fine with me as I enjoy 3sums etc but with the cbt he wants to be humiliated. I'm at a loss of where to start. I can't stand being horrible to people. Its hard for me to get into the mind set and be mean. Can anyone suggest where to start. He wants to be 100% dominated. Like with the cbt I think maybe I would find it easer if it was a routine /plan to the sessions?? No idea. Please help! 

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It's not about being mean and horrible it's about satisfying a need. You could use cbt  as a means of punishment when he upsets you. 

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What I would actually say is: Tops have limits too. if you find the idea of doing this particular thing upsetting, it oesn't make you a bad person or a bad partner if you say you don't wwant to do it. Remember kink is supposed to be enjoyable (or rewarding) for everyone.

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If you want to do CBT that he can limit so you don't feel bad have you tried a humbler bar. It clamps over the balls with the bar running behind both thighs. If you remain squatted down it just pulls your balls tightly down. As you try to stand it effectively pulls more and more as you straighten up. You can then make him do tasks or follow orders and it is then up to him how far he stands etc and how much he fights against the bar and basically applies his own pain. I have worn one and it was amazing for me.

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