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Tickle advice for a newbie.

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Hi. I am so brand new to this world it's embarrassing.

I am really interested in finding women to tickle. I'm not into anything nonconsensual and I want it to be a turn on for both of us, but my fantasies are pretty much ruthless, including tickle orgasms, post orgasm tickling etc.

What are everybody else's thoughts on here? Does anyone have any experience about tickling to share? Any tips or advice? Thanks!

Welcome to the 'life' I hope you have fun and if need advice for your Dom side please feel free to ask and if you're ever oop north get in touch. I personally love tickling as a form of punishment; it can be just as exhausting for your sub as a beating and the best thing is it leaves no marks! ;)
Hi there, I am working for channel 4 and we are looking for people to take part in a new show, about sex/sexual fetishes it would be great to speak to you further if this interests you.