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BDSM/fetish Reading material

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Whether it's for pleasure or learning, I'm sure lots of you have favoured items, books or comics to read of a fetish nature.

Personally I love Stepan Sejic's (don't quote the spelling) Sunstone graphic novel. From the very human characters to the wonderful artwork and brilliant story.

Care to share your favourites?

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Am I allowed to say my own books? Well I'm gonna ;) If anyone is interested check out: http://victoriablisse.co.uk/books

My personal favourite authors who write kick arse erotica are KD Grace, Kay Jaybee and the fab Zak Jane Keir. Always worth checking out their stuff. 

There are so many fab Erotic writers out there. I love reading sexy books. 


I don't have favorit book or writer. I'm reading different things and know enough about this branch. I love reading and fulfil sexy book stories and my own stories.


Anybody read Laura antoniau ( spelling may be a little off )

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