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advice needed

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new member here. 

I've recently separated from my wife who was my mistress. I have taken a huge hit to my confidence due to how I see myself. she said there was nothing wrong but I don't believe her. what we had was amazing and don't think I can do with out what we would do. 

only issue I have is I'm afraid of what others will see of me. it was a massive step to join up on here but now unsure if it was a good decision.any help would be much appreciated.

Take your time to feel better & it will take time. I can think of a few things that may help you, pm me if you wish.

Any relationship breakup is difficult mate but I'm sure for a bottom it must be doubly hard. All you can do is take your time and rebuild your life. As for joining this site, it's probably one of your wisest moves as you are with people who understand your position. Go out, find yourself a Mistress to help you get through is my advice. Good luck and if you need to tyfeel free to pm me. Bob