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Ideas for an undercover playroom?

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Does anyone have any ideas for creating your own 'undercover' playroom? I mean, so vanilla people wouldn't have a clue what it was until you told them. Has anyone created a playroom in their house? What was your experience? 


Undercover is difficult to do, but if your partner is into sensory stimulation (blindfolds) then you can expand on this with darkroom. I like to use thermal camera (yes, I'm a geek) as it is lovely to see how the colours change with the partner's mood and emotions. Also you can add a small strobe, sometime letting your partner see you move is flashes. But you really have to have trust and make sure that your partner is healthy.

The advantage is that you can then use day to day furniture and simply have black out curtains; again you need trust and you need a healthy partner both mentally and physically.

There are simpler options such as modifying furniture for tying up your partner, example would be a good dinner table and adding fittings and fixtures, this allows a simple table cloth to hide anything that may be visible. 

Overall the key is to think out side the box and make this look decorative, if it's to complicated your partner will notice and there will be no surprise. When things are simple and your partner notices you using something, their imagination works over time.

Please keep it sane, safe and consensual.


I have heard of someone who has adapted a coffee table with various fixings for bondage purposes, but no one vanilla knows, they just think they're pretty extras. And one time I visited a hotel and the hook for hanging clothes on was just the right height for gripping onto/being attached to for a whipping/beating. I don't think that was it's intended purpose though!

It gets the mind thinking. What furniture could you adapt for play but leave out in full sight without anyone else knowing?