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Picture the scene

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Picture the scene, you've had a horrible day at work, your boss has over worked you, your so fed up, you need to take ur anger and frustration out on someone. Your feet are so sweaty and stinky in ur work shoes. Iam waiting on my knees on your door step for you,  u ask "what are you doing here", I reply "Iam here for one hour and one hour only u can do what ever you like to me,  the rules are i cant say no and refuse anything u ask me to do. What do u do to me?? 

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I order indoors and make u strip.then spank u hard . Ne t i aoukd have u clean me from head to foot with yr tongue
Wow... where to begin. Lol. I’m really new to everything here too .

Dom dont act out of anger or frustation....unless its a fantasy ?

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see, if I was angry - I'd want you to make me not angry.   

Striking you would be irresponsible.

Foot worship - I'm going to be frustrated that you are exploiting my situation for your fetish.

If you want to be useful when I'm angry and stressed, the best options are; don't be in my house unannounced - or - like, give me cash and/or treat me.

Because all your fetishes and fantasies are fucking useless right now.

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