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Scents for Women and Men

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Are Females more sensitive to particular scents...more than males?

One sees an awful lot of females in latex outfits but very few in Leather Outfits...,is there something about being a Female that triggers a reaction to the scent of a material?  Are females more sensitive?

I  have an interest in this...because....since my Level of female Hormones went through the roof...I am now much more sensitive to how fabrics feel on my body....whether it is the scent....or how it feels when I touch the fabric.My sense of smell seems to be much stronger and more acute  and particular...now....even when it comes down to food....I am now able to eat food that before .....the smell would put me off!

Do Hormone levels....whether Male or Female...have an effect on how we react to certain smells?

Certain scents..really turn me on....I now have a preference  for perfume...rather than aftershave...All I can put it down to...is my very high levels of the 3 main female Hormones....cassie...


Stinky ass turns me on like nothing else


What the hell is stinky Ass...I take it as something you cannot buy ..!..cassie


Its sweaty long day musky stink


Say u wake up and shower. Head to work. Take a dump and just get sweaty. That is stinky ass. After workput ass

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One thing that works right on me is my nose. I just think it’s how I’m made. I can smell a snake in the yard, someone who recently had sex, etc. I have memories based on smells like when I was in Rome the hot air was filled with blooming honey suckle. I’m really fond of herbs especially basil. Having it in the yard & rubbing against me scent staying on my skin. I love enjoying smells on everything & everyone.