Lets play together and have fun
I'm looking for looking for kinksters to explore fetishes and have fun. Im into or curious about many things and would welcome others to join me in our kink.. i like bsdm, dom,sun, slavery, scat, piss, anal rimming, anal worship, ass fucking, tieing up bondage, forced, hard sex, rough sex, having a strap on used on me and being stroked or suck by someone else. Leather and latex, masks, video taping, daddy roleplay ect. Just looking to find other like minded kinksters
Munch & Club Buddy18 to 75 years ● 150km around USA, Roseburg 4 months ago
Abamdomd baby looking for daddy/mommy
Looking for mommy/daddy Leeds area Age play, public out of the area otherwise private. Non sexual. Never have sex wivbmommy or daddy. Diaper fetish regressionist. Age up to toddler. Not potty trained. Not ready for that yet
Munch & Club Buddy30 to 50 years ● 5km around UK, Leeds 4 months ago
I have no idea
Just as I wrote in the title. I have no idea what this is all about. Let me tell you about the perfect sexual encounter for me: the girl must wear stockings, pantyhose or nylon socks. This garment must stay on during the whole video and must not be ripped with the exception of the pantyhose in the crotch area. The main point of course is the intercourse, but an element of foot fetish must be present. I prefer opaque hoisiery. All of the above can be disregarded if the girl is gorgeous ?
Munch & Club Buddy25 to 50 years ● 150km around Italy, Trieste 4 months ago
Looking for submisive female and i am dom.
Male 20, i am looking for female who will obey me and i will humilate her, pet play, chocked, bdsm. I love to meet at your place. I am also involve in sexting so if you want only roleplay let me kniw about that. Thanks.
Munch & Club Buddy18 to 25 years ● 75km around Pakistan, Quetta 5 months ago
Looking for other littles (ageplay, ddlg)
Hello, I’m a little and I’m looking for other littles to have play dates with and become good friends with. Prerable other little that have a daddy already so our daddies can hang out too. Message me
Munch & Club Buddy20 to 25 years ● 75km around UK, Hindlip 5 months ago
Horny couple
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx?xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxhorjkfffddddggjjvxssasdvjkkbctyjjxfhcdhc you couple m f xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx female love having pussy licked xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Munch & Club Buddy18 to 50 years ● 5km around UK, Bacup 5 months ago
Meatboy for Femcans!
Hello Femcans! you looking a nice, plump boypig then look no further! I am looking for a Femcan(s) eho can appreciate a good suckling pig! TO CHAT & FOR FANTASIES Only!) Hungry? Let's get cooking! Mmm
Munch & Club Buddy18 to 26 years ● 200km around USA, Spotsylvania 5 months ago
Any one fun in Florida?
New to this. Trying to meet in Florida somewhere soon. I am a bi fem and is looking for my sister wife to help build an empire. I'm very picky due to my sexual extreme and lack of limitations. There is a king in my life just need my queen.
Munch & Club Buddy26 to 35 years USA, Palm Bay 5 months ago
young 68 yr old male slender fit
when i was a teenager girls liked to punch me in my sixpack abs,i loved it and sill do,espically when they made me passout,it was a real turnon,looking for a female that likes to wresle,roleplay,fanisty fighing,good clean fun all limits respected,i guess you would say i have a tummy fetish,likes women who have a tight little tummy,nice figure,likes to feel and listen to water slushing around in a womans tight midsecton ,really turns me on,looking for friendship and good clean fun
Munch & Club Buddy25 to 65 years ● 100km around USA, Havre de Grace 5 months ago
Anyone want to but pics or vids
Will do anything you ask for in fetish videos just or here tryna get some dolla so help a girl out message me for details on anything like that I lovveeeeeeeeeeee to get kinky so please don’t hold back :)
Munch & Club Buddy18 to 90 years ● 5km around UK, Leeds 6 months ago
I’m trying to find regular buyers of fetish items including scat, pee, socks, shoes, panty stuffing, lollipops etc xx anything else please just ask xx please no time wasters as I’m not wasting my time anymore!
Munch & Club Buddy100km around UK, Reading 6 months ago
Matt hart
I want to meet a hot guy to fuck me all over.I want it asap.I'm 39 but I look a lot younger. Im blond blue eyes really soft skin.I need a cock inside me now.I like pussy too.meet me I don't know wot fuck I supposed to put
Munch & Club Buddy18 to 45 years ● Town House in UK, Wirral 6 months ago
Hey s
Hey sexy I was wondering if you would fart on my pillow as it turns me on I love the smell of raw farts and my ideal man or women would be an eggy fart or a silent but deadly one. could you tie me up
Munch & Club Buddy5km around UK, Newcastle upon Tyne 6 months ago
partner for daytime events
older guy who would like to find a partner to accompany me to daytime events. I can provide the transport and will pay for entry costs. I enjoy playing or observing. I also enjoy BDSM with the right person.
Munch & Club Buddy45 to 70 years ● 50km around UK, Cambridge 6 months ago
Submissive female to apply
I am a Dominant who is getting back into the ls after taking a sebaticle. Is looking to find those of like mind and willing to entertain as W/we go from munch to munch when possible and to have fun. I am into cupping, bondage, spanking, deprivation of all sorts, Humiliation, inflicting pain and many other things.
Munch & Club Buddy28 to 60 years ● 100km around USA, Grandview 6 months ago
Old fart looking for playmate
Looking for sub in California Nevada area casual sex fun dating and dining some rope play domination and submission perhaps as part long term open relationship possible I'm really imaginative and flexible hope to hear soon
Munch & Club Buddy200km around USA, Santa Barbara 6 months ago
Bdsm play Forced Rape fetish Dom Sub I am not n2 the hardcore hurting type more like the forcing to cum and keep cuming.. Legs spread pussy vulnerable ready for clamps. Hooks. Vibrating different objects to punish my pussy and clit....
Munch & Club Buddy38 to 45 years ● 400km around USA, Fort Wayne 5 months ago
Very new 24 year old needs a munch buddy.
So what to put here that can grab your attention and prove to you im a genuine person. I have a really big fetish for feet heels etc and being trampled and doing foot worship sessions etc. Ive recently discovered this site and never heard of munches before so would love a male or female friend that could help me get a bit of confidence in this field. Some inttoductions and maybe letting me accompany you to a club would do me wonders xx
Munch & Club Buddy18 to 80 years ● 300km around UK, Manchester 7 months ago
Friends For Now, Possibly More Later?
Seeking meaningful connections and friends that I can attend events, munches, and clubs with, and perhaps more will come out of our friendship besides our excitement for all things kink (and nerd, I hope!). Feel free to message me anytime for friendly conversations. Do you have a warm and welcoming place you want to bring me? Let me know!
Munch & Club Buddy27 to 55 years ● 10km around USA, Springfield 7 months ago
Munch mate
I am new to this and looking for a female that could go with me to events/parties/meets or clubs with me as a couple. I'm wanting to explore but not to commit to anything without seeing first how this works.
Munch & Club Buddy25 to 55 years ● 50km around UK, Edinburgh 7 months ago
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