Anywhere in Manchester?
Is there anywhere events going on in manchester at all? I'm dying to go to an event asap and hopefully meet some wonderful locals. 21 female, newly single and so ready to explore this darker more fun side of pleasure.
Munch & Club Buddy20 to 60 years ● 5km around UK, Manchester 6 months ago
I want dirty socks, feet, shoes and boxers and briefs all over my face and all over my naked body , I want to have fun with gay man chavs in Southampton and around eastleigh area, make sure u wear white socks!!
Munch & Club Buddy18 to 30 years ● 10km around UK, Southampton 6 months ago
BDSM and Chill
I'm very new to BDSM but I'm interested in online dominance/submission. I'm very nice and love to meet new people to discover a variety of interests! I'm still a bit soft core and continue to be until I have further explored or have had further experience. But that doesn't mean that I am willing. ( + 1 if you're a nerd/geek, mate! )
Munch & Club Buddy18 to 25 years ● 5km around USA, Temple City 11 months ago
Cuckold fun
Looking for someone to fuck my 18 year old girlfriend in front off me: Bareback Cream pie Anal Rimming Can also travel or accommodate for the right person. Please send dick and face pictures......
Munch & Club Buddy18 to 50 years ● 25km around UK, Hebburn 6 months ago
Let's rock shall we?
I did really like to meet someone who we can do anything and everything today. I am ridding all the way if you're ridding too. Are you? No expectation, let's just take a chance, dive into the deep blue sea of great affection and together we did explore way deeper than we ever imagined. It begins with a single step.
Munch & Club Buddy37 to 65 years UK, London 11 months ago
Looking for kinkster
Someone that I can go to fetish clubs with Preferably someone who has already has experiencever with going to other clubs Someone that I can go to fetish clubs with Preferably someone who has already has experiencever with going to other clubs
Munch & Club Buddy5km around UK, Leicester 6 months ago
Leather Guy looking
Looking for other leather guys to hang out with and get the most out of our leathers together, however the mood takes us. Happy to travel. Can meet weekend or weekdays. Very flexible. Horny chats and meets or just chilling out together
Munch & Club Buddy25 to 60 years ● 75km around UK, Maidstone 6 months ago
Feet xxx
highheels:_ Pics and videos only we send you appreciate, colour nails on request. Here to help any dirty person get it on with our saucy pics.Anyone want 2 horny girls feet, message and we shall see what we can do xxx
Munch & Club BuddyUK, Tewkesbury 11 months ago
I am deaf. can use email and text message or text mobile. I am looking for meet gay men be friend, chat and enjoy. I use British sign language and can write down on paper ipad notes made understand ok
Munch & Club Buddy25 to 45 years ● 10km around UK, Tendring 11 months ago
I'm completely new to this
It's taken a while, but I'm now really excited to admit and explore the kinks in my sexuality. But I haven't a clue where to start so I'm looking for a friend or friends to show me the way. Hope I can find someone to lead me on the adventure.
Munch & Club Buddy35 to 45 years ● 5km around UK, York 6 months ago
Kinky club partner
Looking for a partner to go to fetish clubs in London. I have been to a couple of swinger parties a long time ago and I would like to try it again. I am white, size 14 and open minded. For more details please contact me.
Munch & Club Buddy35 to 45 years ● 5km around UK, London 11 months ago
I have never been to anything like this
Hi, I am bbw and a sub. I would love to try some of these clubs but somewhat terrified to go on my own, not to mention just feeling silly and embarrassed. Any offers of help would be much appreciated. I prefer something further away but travelling distance. Needs to be weekend too.
Munch & Club Buddy35 to 49 years ● 50km around UK, Corby 11 months ago
Senior looking for same
Senior sub looking for top to share enjoyable times. Educated and articulate, non smoker , hate tats. Short at 5 '4" with full head of hair , likes all you can deliver anywhere you prefer to deliver it.
Munch & Club Buddy50 to 75 years ● 10km around UK, South Common 6 months ago
Hi all, just seeing who's about that may take a shine to a 6ft crossdresser who likes to be dominated and abused ? Been around the BDSM a while now and whilst not entirely new I'm not massively experienced but that doesn't mean I wouldn't like to be
Munch & Club Buddy18 to 99 years ● 500km around UK, Hook 6 months ago
In need of assistance
Hi, I'm new to Cardiff so don't know what's out there. I've also never done anything kinkier than handcuffs but would really like to try. I'm only interested in men who live closeish as I don't drive (and will not get into the car of someone I've never met) below the age of 30. Thanks x
Munch & Club Buddy18 to 30 years ● 10km around UK, Cardiff 6 months ago
Looking for experience Mistress for fun
i am looking for experience Mistress i am looking for Mistress who can sit direct on my mouth with your squirt direct in to my mouth as i love the taste off it i like the Mistress to come to my flat in Maidstone i will pay £400.00 pounds every 4 week .
Munch & Club Buddy18 to 40 years ● 10km around UK, Maidstone 6 months ago
Looking for friends
Just generally interested to meet people from the area as I am new and would like to get more involved in the lifestyle and community. Easy none judgemental person happy to hear from anyone and everyone.
Munch & Club Buddy18 to 85 years ● 25km around UK, Bristol 6 months ago
Fetish Club or Event Buddy
I'm Looking for a female, groups and friends I can go to fetish clubs, munches or events with in London! I would like to meet people with similar interests to socialise with instead of standing in the corner alone!
Munch & Club Buddy50km around UK, Guildford 11 months ago
Munch matec
I'm looking for a mate to go to sex clubs and party's with and if there are munched then them to. O have been to a couple of munched but I don't feel comfortable going on my I'd. Happy to play together if we click
Munch & Club Buddy30 to 60 years ● 5km around UK, Edinburgh 6 months ago
I'm looking for a Master or Mistress
Hello, thanks for looking at me profile.I a post-op female and proud of it.all so i am very open and honest about it i am a masochist, with over 10 years of experience in BDSM. Some of the things i like include good conversations and debates, quiet nights in, cuddled up on the sofa watching TV and films, evenings out for dinner or a few drinks, and socialising with friends. i likes cooking, Many of my friends are also in the scene and i am quite active in the kink community, going to several events each month. where you cam meet me. I have real tits and a man made pussy. Everyone says it's just as good as a natural woman. or as I like to call it – a designer vagina. I’ve put myself as female on here because that’s what I am since having the operation, but I’m not hiding or denying my past either. Think of it this way – I’ve got the working parts of a female but without the monthly curse. How many other females want to be me now? i am not looking for one off meet I’m straight talking and honest, sometimes quite blunt. What you see is what you get with me, and I’m not ashamed of any of it. I can’t stand b/s and liars, if you can’t be honest, then be quiet, because I’m not interested in hearing your lies and excuses. Since my operation, more than just my physical appearance has changed. I’ve become increasingly drawn towards the submissive role and giving up control, although I can be quite feisty so I don’t submit easily. I’ve also found an interest in other females, I've had a few experiences, and would like more. I’ve not experienced much rope work and would like to have more of that, and more bondage in general. I’ve been told I can take quite a lot of pain, and I love it. I’ve done needle play a few times and enjoyed it, and I also like soft sensual play as well. I’ve not used safe words in the past because I believe a good and experienced dominant can read the person they’re with, and will know when to stop or change what they’re doing. I’m not one for lots of messaging as I'm dyslexic so if there’s a genuine interest I will want to talk on the phone quite early and meet soon after. I can't gush like some natural females do but I do have orgasms and I do get wet when I'm aroused. I love forced orgasms where I'm teased and played with till I can't stop myself having one or multiple orgasms. so feel free to ask any questions you wish. I'm looking for a Master or Mistress with plenty of experience for a D/s or M/s relationship. I'm willing to become your property and be trained as your slave I love the idea of body modification, piercings, branding, tattoos and a lot more. For the right person I'd be willing to have my body modified
Munch & Club Buddy42 to 55 years ● 50km around UK, Tendring 11 months ago
Dom looking for Club buddies and maybe more
I'm Matt age 42 Into Rock 80s pop , travel museums , movies , Live alone looking to meet people in the world of BDSM Submissive,s Males females who ever fancies coming to say hello . Let's go on an adventure or two? Chat soon
Munch & Club Buddy21 to 60 years ● 5km around UK, London 11 months ago
want share sex slave husband
:D my bbbbbbbbbbbbbbb he eat pussy tacked cum strap on eat cum out push xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx cccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv
Munch & Club Buddy5km around USA, Sturgeon 11 months ago
Master apply within
New to this. About to embark on a total lifestyle change for the better I might add. Have researched a lot so here we go. Am interested in Submission but I'm not anyone's slave and I'm not up for extreme pain. Any questions just ask. SA
Munch & Club Buddy28 to 45 years ● 75km around UK, Dundee 6 months ago
Latex Lover
Im looking for a woman who is into latex as much as i am for photo exchange and poss fetish club meets etc. Some play time im latex may be on the cards also! Latex, restraints and gags sre definately in use with me! Up for it?
Munch & Club Buddy18 to 50 years ● 25km around UK, Heathfield 6 months ago
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