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  1. Ernest Greene
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    FetLife, or Trollhaven as I call it, is a cess pit of predators and posers. Management encourages the formation of cliques and mobs and allows unlimited personal attacks in unmoderated groups. It’s full of dangerous imbeciles and particularly so for the new and inexperienced. FetLife symbolizes everything that’s hopelessly busted about online BDSM and I wouldn’t send anyone there other than to experience vicariously just how ugly things have gotten in the world of BDSM since it moved from real life to cyber-bullshit. There’s better social networking to be had on FB, where they have some rules, than on a site that has never taken the safety or consent of its members seriously. There are hot pictures to be sure and I’ve met some fine people there by the purest accident, but overall it’s a bad thing we’d be better off without.

    1. Editor
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      @ErnestGreene Thanks for sharing your opinion. Did you have a specific bad encounter on FetLife or is it overall a bad experience? Why do FB groups work better for you?


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