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If popular culture is to be believed, you can split cisgendered straight men into three categories - boob guys, ass guys and leg guys. The reality is a bit more complicated (and a lot less cis and heteronormative!) but it's still true that a shapely pair of legs are a huge turn-on for a lot of people. For femme-identified people stockings and suspenders with a pair of high heels are a great way to set your legs off, and short skirts are always a safe bet when you really want to turn heads and grab attention from someone in particular. Masc-identified folks might like to look into cargo shorts, which are a particularly flattering length for showing off strong calves!

Kinky men with a leg fetish All men



Male (61)    185 cm, 90 kg

Friends, Pic Exchange, Cybersex, Networking

Chelmsford, UK



Male (24)    173 cm, 68 kg

BDSM Lovers, Friends

Praha, Czech Republic



Male (44)    177 cm, 84 kg

Friends, Events & Places, Networking

Horsham, UK



Male (52)    188 cm, - kg

BDSM Lovers, Kinky Dates, Friends, NSA (no strings...), Events & Places

Stevenage, UK



Male (28)    174 cm, - kg

BDSM Lovers, Kinky Dates, Friends, NSA (no strings...), LTR (relationship), Pic Exchange, Networking

Eastbourne, UK



Male (29)    180 cm, 110 kg

Friends, NSA (no strings...), Swingers, Pic Exchange, Cybersex

Boston, UK

Kinky couples with a leg fetish All women



Female (36)

BDSM Lovers, Kinky Dates, Friends, NSA (no strings...), LTR (relationship), Pic Exchange, Cybersex, Events & Places, Networking

Dudley, UK



Female (23)    170 cm, 55 kg

BDSM Lovers, Kinky Dates, Friends, LTR (relationship), Swingers, Events & Places

Nice, France



Female (38)    174 cm, 90 kg

LTR (relationship), Kinky Dates

Essen, Germany



Female (39)    167 cm, 180 kg

BDSM Lovers, Kinky Dates, NSA (no strings...), LTR (relationship), Swingers, Pic Exchange, Cybersex, Networking

San Francisco, USA



Female (38)    172 cm, 58 kg


Milano, Italy



Female (30)    172 cm, 67 kg

BDSM Lovers, Kinky Dates

Kingston upon Thames, UK

Kinky couples with a leg fetish All couples



Male/Female (38/38)    200/184 cm, 92/- kg

BDSM Lovers, Kinky Dates, Friends, NSA (no strings...), Swingers, Events & Places

Leicester, UK



Female/Male (20/20)    165/184 cm, -/95 kg

Kinky Dates, Friends, Events & Places, Networking

Budapest, Hungary

What is leg fetish?

Someone has this fetish when they are sexually attracted to a person’s legs, some people like them bare, others like the look of them in tights, stockings or socks but leg fetishists focus on the leg not the item of clothing.

Is leg fetish the same as foot fetish?

The two fetishes are often intertwined, some people with one also have the other but they aren’t necessarily the same. A person with a foot fetish is going to be focused simply on the foot where a person with a leg fetish will be looking at the whole leg and getting sexual pleasure from that.

I have a leg fetish, is that weird?

Not really. Lots of people love legs and you’ll often hear guys described as ‘a leg man’ so it’s really quite common. Being sexually aroused just by legs is a little more unusual but there’s nothing wrong with that.

Should I shave my leg hair to satisfy my partner’s leg fetish?

That is totally your decision. It’s your body, it’s your choice. Leg hair does grow back so if you give it a go and don’t like it, it’s not a permanent change. Have a conversation with your partner, you should never do something just because someone else wants you to do it.

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