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  • Hi, Im completely new to this site and this forum. There seems to be loads of different fetishes on here but I don't seem to find anything related to pungent smell of sweat, whether it comes from ...
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  • How to make feet smell more (best way)

    Hi guys! My man is positively crazy about the smell of my feet - the only problem is, they rarely smell! Does anyone know the best way to get them to smell, without becoming dirty per se..? ...
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  • I have a fetish for skunk spray, is there anyone else who isn't afraid to admit and/or try it? ...
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    From pits and nips to jocks and water sports, there’s no shortage of kinks and fetishes that us gay guys like to indulge in. Check out our top 10 list of gay kinks and fetishes, find out if yours made ...
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    In our series of kinky dating website reviews, we browse around BDSM.com. But will this kinky website connect you with the fetish community or just leave you feeling short-changed? Hair: brown ...
  • Need some fresh ideas to become the best DDlg caregiver ever? Fetish.com writer Princess E shows you 10 things daddy just adores. There is nothing that makes a princess more happy than a Daddy ...
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