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This masturbation aid is made to create an experience that feels like it’s more than just you on your own enjoying the sexy times. The original sex dolls were invented by Dutch sailors in the 17th century. They were made of old clothes. In Japan they are sometimes still referred to as Dutch wives because of this. These sex toys have been around for a really long time! There a many different kinds of sex doll now, with oral, vaginal and/or anal openings and some have a realistic penis. They are a highly customisable item, so you can pick one that really works for your taste.

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Male (37)    66 cm, 96 kg

BDSM Lovers, Kinky Dates, NSA (no strings...), LTR (relationship), Swingers, Events & Places, Networking

Collingswood, USA



Male (44)    173 cm, 74 kg

BDSM Lovers, Kinky Dates, Friends, NSA (no strings...), LTR (relationship), Networking

Surrey, Canada



Male (22)    183 cm, - kg

Friends, Friend with benefits, LTR (relationship), Kinky Dates, BDSM Lovers

Liverpool, UK



Male (31)

BDSM Lovers, Kinky Dates, Friends, NSA (no strings...), LTR (relationship), Swingers, Pic Exchange, Cybersex, Events & Places, Networking

Coventry, UK

What are the different types of sex doll?

Classic blow up dolls are easy to pack away and store but don’t have the real feel of the silicone sex dolls. Silicone and TPE dolls often have a metal skeleton so that they are posable. There are also cloth dolls available with slits to place vaginal inserts into so they can be easily kept clean.

How do sex dolls work?

Although larger than other masturbation aids, sex dolls are really easy to use. Make sure to use plenty of lube and clean your doll when you are finished. It’s as simple as that.

How to choose a sex doll?

First of all decide your needs. If you have limited space or any kind of roommate, you will probably want one that is easy to pack away. Blow up dolls are the easiest to store as they are foldable once deflated. Cloth and stuffed sex dolls are also fairly easy to store as they don’t have any kind of skeleton. They’re especially good for anyone who loves stuffed toys and come with slits for insertable masturbators so they’re easy to clean.

If you want a real feel experience, silicone and TPE dolls would be your best choice. They are posable and very easily customised. They need a lot of care and attention to keep them in working order and need space to store them. But they are the most realistic doll on offer.

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