Curious about exhibitionism?

For kinksters who like to be watched

The definition of exhibitionism refers to putting one's genitals out on display in public. Plenty of people are turned on by the idea that they're being watched. But, if putting yourself on sexual show is what floats your boat, there are all kinds of great options for exploring this in a safe and mutually consensual fashion!

Check out the forums and magazine for reviews and recommendations of sex clubs and scene events in your area. There's absolutely something sexy about the idea of exhibitionism, voyeurism and public nudity - so if this interests you in the slightest it's well worth looking into making it a reality. Just be certain that everyone who can tell what you're up to has consented before you begin.

Kinky men into exhibitionism All men



Male (41)    176 cm, - kg

BDSM Lovers, Friends, NSA (no strings...), Events & Places

Bristol, UK



Male (61)    185 cm, 90 kg

Friends, Pic Exchange, Cybersex, Networking

Chelmsford, UK



Male (24)    165 cm, 58 kg

BDSM Lovers, Kinky Dates, Friends, NSA (no strings...), LTR (relationship), Swingers, Pic Exchange, Cybersex, Events & Places, Networking

Liverpool, UK



Male (53)    181 cm, - kg

BDSM Lovers, Kinky Dates, Friends, NSA (no strings...), LTR (relationship), Pic Exchange, Cybersex, Events & Places

Thurrock, UK



Male (47)

NSA (no strings...), Friends, Pic Exchange, Friend with benefits

Letchworth Garden City, UK



Male (64)    173 cm, 82 kg

BDSM Lovers, Friends, LTR (relationship), Events & Places, Networking

Tucson, USA

Kinky women into exhibitionism All women



Woman (49)    168 cm, - kg

BDSM Lovers, Friends, NSA (no strings...), LTR (relationship), Cybersex

Adelaide, Australia



Woman (42)


Leicester, UK



Woman (37)    150 cm, - kg

BDSM Lovers, Kinky Dates, Friends

Brighton and Hove, UK



Woman (46)    172 cm, 80 kg

BDSM Lovers, Friends, Events & Places, Networking

Mol, Belgium



Woman (26)    154 cm, 81 kg

Friends, Events & Places

Oxford, UK



Woman (41)    172 cm, 70 kg

Friends, NSA (no strings...)

Chester, UK

Kinky couples into exhibitionism All couples



Woman/Male (40/41)    168/183 cm, 60/73 kg

BDSM Lovers, Kinky Dates, Friends, NSA (no strings...), Pic Exchange, Cybersex, Events & Places, Networking

Oslo, Norway



Male/Woman (51/47)    180/163 cm, 78/69 kg

Kinky Dates, Friends, Pic Exchange

Montréal, Canada



Woman/Male (49/48)    160/190 cm, 60/110 kg

Friends, Pic Exchange, Cybersex, Events & Places, Networking

Southampton, UK



Woman/Male (21/44)    -/- cm, -/- kg

BDSM Lovers, Kinky Dates, Friends, NSA (no strings...), Swingers, Cybersex, Events & Places, Networking

Swindon, UK



Woman/Male (42/59)    -/- cm, -/- kg

NSA (no strings...), Friends, Swingers, Friend with benefits, Events & Places, BDSM Lovers

West Bromwich, UK



Woman/Male (36/43)    -/- cm, -/- kg

BDSM Lovers, Kinky Dates, Friends, NSA (no strings...), Swingers, Pic Exchange, Events & Places, Networking

Boxmeer, Netherlands

Places for exhibitionism

Exhibitionism can be defined simplistically as a person who exposes their genitals in a public or mostly public setting. It’s one of the more common kinks. To some, it may sound pervy or creepy, while to others it might sound like paradise! It all depends on the context. The thrill of it ranges anywhere from showing your ‘naughty bits’ to unsuspecting people (which is nonconsensual and not okay in our book) to letting it all hang out on a nude beach.

Although public nudity is not allowed in most public places, there are still quite a few locations you can run around buck-naked and not get in trouble for it! If you’re going on holiday check in with local laws of course, and once you get there talk to some locals who can clue you into some ‘hot spots’.

The beach is not the only place you can hang around. Saunas and spas often allow nudity, again check with the policies of the place. Keep it mind it may be legal, but not so socially acceptable. There are countless nudist communities in every corner of the world, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding a place. Be it a cabin in the woods, on a glacier with the polar bear club or in a desert oasis; there’s a place for your naked bum!

Nudity can be quite exciting when you’re at home too. Put your exhibitionist needs into a little role play - cook naked for your partner(s) (watch out for hot oil!) or clean the house only wearing a little maid or butler hat. The possibilities are endless!

When you hear exhibitionism, you often hear voyeurism with it. Although separate desires, they frequently hold hands. A voyeur is a person who: ahem: gets off of watching others in the nude or engaging in sexual activities. Some exhibitionists like being watched and thus the two can satisfy each other’s needs quite nicely.

The most important thing to always keep in mind is consent, consent, consent. This is what keeps you out of jail or the mental ward! As thrilling as it is to do things you’re not supposed to, it’s equally as exciting to do things with consent. It’s more honest and can lead to other kinky adventures if you’re not afraid to lay it all out… ;)

Are you an exhibitionist?

Even though the dictionary definition is all about the revelation of genitals in public, exhibitionism can play into all kinds of scenes. Do you enjoy a crowd when you’re getting beaten? Do you enjoy people watching on as you play with electrics or while you’re serving your Dominant? If you do then you have at least got exhibitionistic tendencies.

Can I show off my exhibitionism anywhere in a sex/BDSM club?

This will depend on the rules in the particular venue that you’re at. Generally speaking though there will be designated social areas for people who aren’t engaged in play and usually play isn’t encouraged in those areas. However, wherever you play, make sure you have the consent of everyone around to do so.

I fantasise about exhibitionism but I’m shy

It can be difficult to indulge in your fetishes and fantasies if you’re shy or have anxiety. The key is to find the best option for you. Do you have some good kinky friends? Maybe start your exhibitionism with just them. It’s easier to do in a supportive environment when you know everyone is rooting for you.

Also, it’s probably best to start out at somewhere such as a BDSM event or swingers club depending on what suits your needs, exhibitionism is expected in these locations and you can do it in a safe environment with no worry of being caught by someone who doesn’t approve.

Can’t bring yourself to do it in front of people in real life? How about finding a friend online to send risqué photos to or videos or to even enjoy camming with. Just be sure you trust the person not to pass these on, as once things are online they can easily get around. If you’re worried about being recognised, don’t show your face at all or other recognisable marks.

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