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Gender Man
Age 40
Status Single
Zodiac signs Cancer

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I am a sexual submissive. I have not been with male-female couples before but I want to serve you for your sexual pleasure and be owned by you. I want to be your plaything and to be used both individually and jointly as you see fit.

Why do I want this? Because I have had lots of straight sex (mainly with women) and frankly I am bored. I want to push my sexual boundaries and have an intense pyschological – as well as sexual – experience.

I want you to use your imagination and push my limits, BUT subject to certain constraints and rules.

Main Rules:

  1. Safe sex only
  2. I am hygienic and clean – I expect the same of you
  3. No water sports
  4. No public exhibitionism
  5. Safe word for me to use in relation to specific sex acts or “punishment”

    Your ownership of me will only apply in the confines of your house. However, once I am in your house, I will be your property for a mutually agreed period of time or sooner if you decide to end play earlier. I cannot opt out of this once I am in your house and we have agreed term, though I can use my safe word to stop specific acts. YOU WILL STILL OWN ME.

    Key Considerations & Suggestions

    I am happy to have my horizons expanded but please keep the following in mind:

    I love bondage – wearing your collar, your leash – being tied up
    I am into light punishment but my tolerance for pain is limited and I don’t have a particular fetish for it.
    I love anal play – having experienced rimming, pegging and butt plugs. But you must use condoms and lubricant.
    I have not been penetrated by a man but would like to experience this
    I love giving and receiving blow jobs.
    I would love you to dress me up (or have me naked) as you see fit
    I am not really into creamping and excess bodily fluids – I don’t find this very sexy – in fact it makes me feel somewhat nauseous – so go easy with this side of things initially!
    Please do not stick your tongue or other things into my ears – I am very sensitive there!!

    I look forward to hearing from you.

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  • Male (40)
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