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Gender Non-binary
Age 48
Status Single
Zodiac sign Pisces

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Ok, so, You might have noticed my change of username. This is due to me now mostly being in guy mode.
All my gear is still here, albeit mostly packed away, but I'd up for full girl mode under the right circumstances... a big event for example. For now tho, I'm just another 'sometimes CD', wearing girls shoes, underwear... you know what I mean. I'm actually wearing girls chelsea boots for my new job... wearing them barefoot, my feet get all sticky and I love the feeling...

so on with the show lol... starting with my guy side.

I'm generally a submissive/ bottom, into pretty much everything. I've lots of friends into different kinks, so depending on my mood I can choose what I fancy... mild up to very dirty, you can test me haha.

I do have a dominant side as well.. meeting up with a couple of sub friends... male and female. Not so much into the tieing up/ whips and chains... but I love the humiliation side of things... into toilet games, spitting, dirty feet and shoe cleaning... however dirty you like lol... sometimes, in time, taking it public, playing out little scenarios in a bar etc...

I'm really into lots, very dirty, mostly submissive with a kinky dominant streak and love taking young subbys on a journey of discovery... lets chat.

soooo girly side...

Once I get into full girl mode, which these days, isn't that often, I'm basically a pervert... like, I think theres something wrong with me haha. I watch a lot of torture horror films, and fantasise about being a part of it...

Again, I'm mostly sub, but have been a Domme and as I said before, I'm veeeeery dirty and kinky. As a girl, I get off big time with a real foot fetishist on their knees. My feet in girly shoes get really grubby and smelly and I love them pampered by someone who really loves it.

what I'm looking for? OK, this is tricky. As a rule, I dont find guys attractive but happy if you're part of a couple.

I'm mostly looking for women, couples and experienced T-girls

If I had to say what kind of guys I like... well, younger guys, in good shape, if you have an emo look even better, I once met a guy who was 18, skinny, a bit shy, geeky, wore all black... skinny jeans, cons, ripped T-shirt, longish hair over his face. You could say almost feminine looking... but very cute. So if you're like that, please come and say hello.

Interests... Sci-fi, cosplay, gaming, horror, geek, 50's housewife, oudoors ie camping, bushcraft.

MEETING- If I'm looking to meet, I will post on the updates. I'm usually just online to check mail etc

WINKS/ FRIEND REQUESTS- thank you, I love the attention but I don't react to them. Just come and say hello, I might like you. Friends list is for people I know and have met

ONE LINE, UNIMAGINATIVE EMAILS will be ignored (hi, how are you) and the like

Looking forward to chatting and we can see how we get on.

Instagram: mandytoes
Second Life: WilliamThomasRyker (my avi is a bloke with a girl side, but mostly there for normal things, Star Fleet etc)


Amanda/ Andy

Below is a little description I had on another site...

Like I say...I am very submissive...and with the right domme, can be trained to be the perfect maid, or anything else you want.

you can have me for yourself, tending to your every need, from menial tasks to more extreme pursuits.... or have me as a maid for your get togethers/ parties performing the same for your guests. I am experienced in this...having had various play partners and a serious domme who used me for personal use and for her parties. mostly humiliation, serving guests, cleaning shoes/ feet, assisting guests at the toilet. and doing as i'm told after having training to her very high standards.

I have very few limits... ie extreme pain and blood, permanent marks... but willing, with the right domme, to be trained, humiliated and punished accordingly

I'm also a bit of a geek, loving Star Trek mostly... but into all things sci-fi. I even have a TNG command (red) uniform. I keep meaning to get a pic in girl mode. think that would be pretty cool.

so yeah... kinky geekyish guy, dresses as a girl, Loooooves female feet, looking to chat, meet and go to events... come and say hi

Ta the noo xxx gives you…

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