Personal details

Gender Woman
Age 28
Status Single
Zodiac signs Leo

About me

I’m looking for:


Blue eyed, blonde female that will eventually submit to a strong dom. Im looking for a tall, strong, handsome MAN that can easily physically restrain me and fuck me until i scream. Deep voices make me wet. So do beards and tattoos. Trust me. I can take it ;p

I'm 5ft 2 and I'm a switch, although I lean more towards being a bratty sub/princess.
I'm interested in Dd/lg. Being prey. Being a sub/bottom. And trying out being a rope bunny. Rough fucking is an absolute must and being restrained both physically and with other stuff. If you fancy proposing something not listing I'm all ears.


My hard limits are pee (unless I'm squirting) poop, animals, blood, needles, face hitting, leaving permanent marks, being sick. Fisting. Humiliating. Ignoring. (Prob more but that's all I can think of atm)

I do have a Domme side, Mistress Blue. And I am interested in having both female and male sub/play things. I am a caring mistress, meaning I care about your well being and sexual needs. I will only punish if and when needed. This tends to be in a sexual nature because I'm perverted and horney.

My dom side is best described as 5ft 2 but acts 6ft5 and has bigger proverbial balls than most men & women. I take no shit, so dont give me any. Dont expect sexual favors off me without paying me back in kind. And thats IF Im interested in you and actually want anything sexual off you. My favourite type of scene is restraing and sexualy teasing/using until I see fit for you to come. You can earn coming by pleasing me, this can be in a sexual way.
Dont beg because i dont want to hear it unless its for me to allow you to come.
Dont ask me to piss on you because i dont do that. On the other hand you have to earn my squirting.


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