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Gender Woman
Age 36
Status Single
Zodiac sign Aquarius

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I am a submissive and I have no time for men who just want me naked on camera or naked pictures. I may be submissive but I deserve respect too, this is about open communication and building trust. It isn't just about sex, it is about giving my submission to a man who deserves it, giving him control over me. My submission is a gift, treasure it. You don't have a right to speak down to me unless I allow you too. Even though I am submissive I have a lot of cheek and fire in me and will question everything. I am as moody as sin and am a very difficult person but the right dominant will know how to handle me. I am demanding of attention but equally give as much. I believe in trying things once before deciding if I like it or not.  I am willing to please the man I choose to be my Dom but don't think it will be easy, I deserve the best and know my worth. I have been messed around too many times and will be if you try to be smart or degrade me when I have not given you the right...just keep walking...I'm not interested in self absorbed men or liars either. I need a connection for it to work, I'm not into casual sex or interested in being someone's fun on the side.

Right, now that is out of the way....

I want my boundaries pushed and see how far I can go. I am not just looking for sex with the kink...I want to know what I am capable of. I need a strong Dominant, one I can kneel in front of without hesitation. I have a strong personality and opinion, I love to laugh, have fun and be me. I want someone to dominate me, not crush my spirit. Guide me not change me. Give me a sense of trust and confidence of his belief in me, so that I can let go and give him complete and utter control of me. Then I will offer him my submission with a cheeky smile while going to my knees for him. gives you…

Many possibilities! There are plenty of ways to meet new kinksters. Check out our free BDSM dating. Still not convinced to meet in person? Take a look at some kinky discussions taking place, right now...

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