Personal details

Gender Woman
Age 18
Status Single
Height 156cm
Weight 47kg
Zodiac signs Leo

About me

Interested in:

I’m looking for:


Hello! I have been interested in spankings, dom/sub relationship and bdsm from a young age and is also looking towards a domestic discipline lifestyle in the future. I haven't had any real experience so far thus I’m looking forward to stepping out and venturing into this exciting world!

Though I may be a sub/bottom, I do need my partner to respect my individuality and my need for freedom. I am also a very stubborn and sometimes hot-headed girl and I hope I can find a partner who has the patience and firm hand to take me in hand sometimes

I am a pretty emotional person, and especially when I am angry or upset, I tend to not think before I recklessly act which lands me in a whole lot of trouble most of the time. And secretly, I do dream of a partner who will one day be there to pull me out of the hot soup and over his knee ;)

I am an incredibly active and outgoing person who loves to enjoy herself. Though I do want a top who can be stern with me and take me in hand, he definitely have to also be fun-loving and adventurous too!

Things are interest me:
-Power exchange
-Sensory deprivation
-Light bondage
-Forced submission
-Forced orgasm

== Results from ==
96% Submissive
83% Brat
77% Rope bunny
69% Experimentalist
60% Primal (Prey)
45% Masochist
43% Vanilla
32% Girl/Boy
18% Degradee
13% Pet
12% Dominant
12% Switch
6% Slave
6% Exhibitionist
2% Voyeur
2% Sadist
2% Ageplayer
1% Rigger
1% Brat tamer
1% Primal (Hunter)
0% Owner
0% Non-monogamist
0% Master/Mistress
0% Degrader
0% Daddy/Mommy

Do come and drop me a message and chat with me! gives you…

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