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Personal details

Gender TV
Age 26
Status Not single
Body shape Average build
Eye colour Blue
Hair colour Blond
Hair length Long
Beard Full beard
Ethnicity Caucasian white
Origin UK
Pubic Hair Natural
Zodiac signs Gemini

About me


Kinda pants at saying hello and describing myself, but here goes!

My name is Nathan (But I go by Josie on here), I am 26 and I live in Kingswood, Bristol. I'm about 5ft 9, just above average weight, long blonde hair and blue eyes.

I am very fortunate to have friends and family that know everything about me and support me with what ever I want. I made sure that I told everyone that I knew what I do and like. That way there are no nasty surprises for anyone to find out.

Very fun loving person, enjoy having a laugh. Love going to the cinema or just simply staying in and cuddling up with a hot chocolate.

I now have Instagram:

I also have Tumblr:

And I have Fetlife:

Please note that I am in a happy and committed relationship, I have no problems being friends, but will not meet anymore :)

“Well, that's your opinion, isn't it? And I'm not about to waste my time trying to change it.”
― Lady Gaga

Now for the good part ;)

I love dressing when ever possible, just lacking the confidence to full time with it. Have always been interested in dressing in females clothes since I was younger and I am starting to move on from it being just a fetish and cross dressing in spare time to actually wanting to do it full time. Any support or advice with this would be great as I have no idea where I am going next at the moment.

I don't have a preference when it comes to gender. I am open to anyone! I am always up for trying anything, but as always I do have some limits that I am just not interested in. (If you like them, fair enough. I won't try to stop you from enjoying it, just not my cup of tea). My HARD limits are Scat, Watersports, Blood, Needles, Financial, Bestiality and Children.

Apart from that I am easy going and love the adventure of trying things out. Can't really think of anything else to write for now, so if there is anything else you would like to know, stop by and say hello :). I will try to answer any questions as best I can.

If you have read this properly before messaging me, you can ask my any question you like and I answer 100% truthfully!

Your COGIATI result value is: 60 Which means that you fall within the following category:

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58% Experimentalist
53% Submissive
44% Master/Mistress
43% Vanilla
42% Daddy/Mommy
40% Brat
37% Exhibitionist
36% Slave
31% Switch
30% Owner
28% Dominant
28% Rope bunny
25% Rigger
24% Voyeur
13% Brat tamer
13% Pet
10% Masochist
10% Non-monogamist
9% Degradee
3% Primal (Hunter)
1% Boy/Girl
0% Ageplayer
0% Primal (Prey)
0% Degrader
0% Sadist

When messaging me, add the word pineapple to your message. That way I know you have taken the time to read everything! What's the point in me taking the time to reply to you if you can't read a few paragraphs.

If you would like to message me offline, please add me on kik. My username is josiesissy92.


I have a fetish that involves feet. To many, a foot fetish might be considered a little taboo and strange, but everyone is into their own thing. I may not be into what others are, but I cannot knock it till I have tried. So if you wish to knock us foot fetishists, then shame on you for being narrow minded.

One of my most basic fetishes is to have a someone rest their feet on my face, making me worship and whilst edging me for hours.

My kinks & fetishes


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