Personal details

Gender Man Woman
Age 42 37
Height 170cm 145cm
Body shape Average build Curvy
Eye colour Brown Green
Hair colour Brown Black
Hair length Short Long
Beard Shaved/no beard
Orientation Bi-curious Bisexual
Ethnicity Caucasian white Caucasian white
Origin USA USA
Pubic Hair Part shaved Shaved
Body hair Some hair None
Breast size D
Zodiac signs Cancer Taurus

About us

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We are married down to earth average couple... We have been together for 5 years. I am learning about the lifestyle and differences in the lifestyles and I am lucky to have found someone that I can be completely 100 percent honest with about anything that turns me on... She owned several lifestyle clubs for over 13 years In the past... Although swinging in the traditional sense is not our cup of tea we have discussed and began to explore other amazingly erotic fantasy/fetish/kink/lifestyle choices... She is defianatly a daddysgirl in ever single way... She is spoiled and completely submissive with me and only me but can be very dominate with other woman.. We have considered the idea of Polyamoury eventually maybe adding one or a few companions maybe even one day life partners toys/girlfriends/wives... one hard limit for her is no men! She doesn't play with men in anyway on any level and that's a point she isn't willing to negotiate on....

We are kinda feeling our way around, doing and trying what sounds hot at the time and if we like it we add it to our closet of kink!! I would have to say ideal playmates would have to be submissive and have an EXTREMELY open minded about fetishes and trying new things... the norm just doesn't work for us... I am not into giving or receiving pain of any kind, she however has a darker more deviant, masochist/sadist side and would love to punish other naughty little girls...

We also would love to meet others that share our kink/taboo interests as we can always learn from each other even if it's not a physical relationship.... We are also thinking of starting a new kink/fwtsih/real life fantasy club that meets in a bi weekly or monthly basis....

Please message if u have questions or wanna chat or are interested in us... I have been extremely vague about what we are into don't ever feel like your kink is to extreme although we maybe not have the exact same interests we could have an amazingly fulfilling friendship along the way!!!! gives you…

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  • Male/Female (42/37)
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  • Male/Female (42/37)
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