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Gender Woman
Age 24
Status Single
Zodiac signs Virgo

About me

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I’m looking for:

  • Kinky Dates
  • Friends
  • NSA (no strings...)
  • LTR (relationship)


But basically im pretty inexperienced in all, I've only been online, I've never met anyone yet. I've been looking into it and I'm pretty sure I'm looking for a daddy to get to know and then maybe meet.
I'm interested in a lot of things but from what I've read I like the sound of pet play and age play the most.
For pet play I think I want to be a kitten and for age play I think I would be young like 4,5 or 6 maybe but Im not sure. I changed my orientation to unsure I like guys but I think I might be interested in girls a little not sure though ha.
As anyone who reads my profile can see I'm not sure about a lot but I'm trying.
On the other side of stuff in everyday life, I love to read mostly sience fiction, fiction but I all ways have to have some romance =) I enjoy drawing but I can only really draw anime or copy stuff, I like writing sometimes. Im starting to enjoy running and like going to the gym but wouldn't say I'm a gym buff ha :D
I love to listen to music I listen to a wide range but can't really listen to heavy metal or the screaming, nothing against it I just like to be able to sing along lol.
That all I can think off so far.
Thank you for reading my profile =) gives you…

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