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Gender Woman
Age 44
Status Not single
Zodiac signs Scorpio

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Hello - I’m a 43 year old London-based woman and I’d love to meet female-identified and NB types for friendship and play. It’s important to me that I make great connections with people first, so I’m looking for friends and filthy collaborators, rather than occasional hookups.

I’ve been doing kink most of my adult life and I’m pretty experienced with a whole bunch of sick and twisted shit but my main loves are scenes involving bondage and impact in all their glorious variety. I’m getting more and more into rope because as a top or a bottom, it satisfies something really primal in me. It’s also really pretty. Although I’m very switchy, I want to find someone who I can bottom/sub for at least some of the time.

You’ll need to be good with ethical non-monogamy (I already have one partner who I’m nuts about) and ideally, you’ll be the sort of atypical geek/freak/nerd who is just as happy talking about science, technology, feminism or politics as you are getting down and dirty with a suitcase full of rope, leather and a selection of nasty hitty things. I’m big on kissing, aftercare, cuddles, tea and duvets – kink doesn’t seem right without these coming into the picture at some point.

I’m afraid I’m private enough with my identity that I don’t publish pictures on here, but if that sort of thing matters to you, I’d be happy to exchange OK Cupid profiles or something. gives you…

Many possibilities! There are plenty of ways to meet new kinksters. Check out our free BDSM dating. Still not convinced to meet in person? Take a look at some kinky discussions taking place, right now...

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