Personal details

Gender TV
Age 59
Status Single
Zodiac signs Pisces

About me

I’m looking for:


I am a single, clean, educated fit mature male who likes to dress en femme as an Obedient cross dresser, mainly at weekends, due to work commitments, but does have some free days during the week to play and would like to advance its status as a sissy slave under the Control of a strict person, or couple, Male or Female or TV/TS/CD etc, who would use their power and control over this inferior sissy slave to mould it into what they want from a submissive and obedient person, this could be to use sissy as a cleaning maid, cleaning their homes, serving at parties, use sissy as a sexual toy and plaything, or using its body as a torture tool, taking it to dogging meets, or to glory holes dressed in whatever mode of dress/ uniform they decide is fitting for that day or event, sending it out to work and its wages paid into owners bank account, keeping it locked into chastity cage, and the means they use to achieve this aim would be left entirely up to them with sissy having no rights to complain about what treatment is was receiving, and being single it can be marked in any way within reason, to include branding and would accept this as a means to an end, becoming a loyal and dedicated skivvy sissy maid, slave, sex toy and slut for use, happy and content with its new life.

sissy slave single, is an only child whos parents have passed on, so has no family ties to keep it in one area and is therefore in a position to relocate if required, and would travel anywhere in UK to meet a prospective owner. gives you…

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