Personal details

Gender Man
Age 20
Status Single
Height 180cm
Weight 100kg
Body shape Curvy
Sexual position Bottom
Eye colour Brown
Hair colour Black
Hair length Middle
Orientation Gay
Ethnicity Indian
Pubic Hair Natural
Zodiac signs Libra

About me

Interested in:

I’m looking for:

  • Kinky Dates
  • Friends
  • LTR (relationship)
  • Cybersex


i dont really know what to write about my self but....
Here are a few things about me:

-I am Submissive
-I Like Dark Skinned/ Black people but everyone is welcomed to be my friend!!!
-I am Romantic
-I am a fun person
-I am really shy so if you wanna chat please hit me up
-I Love to Meet New People
-i have slight depression and anxiety

  • i am clingy and easily gets jealous but that doesn't mean i don't trust you. my anxiety is just messing with my head.
    -I can Be annoying at times
    -I want someone who is monogamous. Loyal, loving caring and can tolerate and help me with my anxiety. I'll put in 100% into a relationship and hope you will too. And also I'd really like if you'd 'sponsor' me with video games??. I'm not a person who can buy everything that i want and need, but video games don't cost too much so that's all i want help with.


A Hairy Black Muscular Tall Man who will love me for me. who is into musk, working out. exploring different kinds of fetishes. maybe water sports. someone romantic as hell. i just love hairy black guys. someone who will be okay with my furry side. gives you… is like an appetizing smorgasbord in Taman Happy (Seksyen 17) with lots of hot guys to meet up with. Have a look around first if you prefer to see who’s around, or if you know what you want, search by selecting the right category "Kinky Dating”. Nobody stays alone here for long! has tons going on!

How did you get switched on to
from a friend on twitter
What types of kinksters are you hoping to meet here on
Black people who want a monogamous relationship
When did you discover you were kinky? Tell us about your journey through kink and BDSM.
it was a haze, but i did get sexual feelings for a lot of male characters like Simba, Kovu and Mufasa (The Lion King) Corbin Blue (High School Musical) etc. when i was a kid. after dating a girl i knew that this wasnt what i wanted (this was when i was 15) and we broke up and i came out as gay.
What was your first kinky experience? What did you learn from it?
i never had sex but i did give a blow job to my best friend when i was 16. i didnt get fucked.
What qualities are most important for you in a relationship?( BDSM, kinky or vanilla)
the intimate feeling in bed with your life partner
Tell us a bit about your kinky lifestyle. Do you go to fetish clubs and munches, are you in a 24/7 relationship...?
Hairy (all natural)
Kind Hearted
and someone who gives it his all
What BDSM skills do you have (i.e. rope bondage, play piercing, etc)? What are you interested in learning more about or get better at?
no and i will never
D/s: Dom/me or sub? Top or bottom? Caregiver or little? Owner or slave? Do you switch or are you unsure?
devil cause im a rebel bitch.
Tell us about your kinky fantasies!
90% inner Values and 10% apperance
What was your most memorable kinky experience?
ummm i blew off my cousin and he liked it.
Do you find talking about sex and kink easy or difficult? Why?
black. hairy. muscular/husky/muscle gut, beards. bears. big dick. good personality and heart. romantic. sweet. presents. suger daddy kinda boyfriend. monogamy.
What accomplishment are you most proud of? (Can be something to do with kink or anything you want!)
i just want a boyfriend to have sex with. no fuck boys and thirsty bitches
What do you like to read? Any favourite kinky authors?
nope and i dont think i ever will
What music do you like to listen to?
my dream boyfriend/ hubby
change my lifestyle
be more talented in the areas im talented in.
What are your favourite films and/or TV series? Any favourite BDSM or fetish related ones?
cum at me bro, lets talk about kinky fantasies and get turned on for some fucking reason.

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