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Gender Woman
Age 18
Status Single
Zodiac signs Aries

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  • LTR (relationship)


17 year old female living in England. Looking for a long-term daddy. I am looking for someone who actually cares about me, someone who will take their time to tell me when to eat and sleep and what to do and wear not just be there for the sexual part of it all. I am a brat so I need a daddy who will control my brattiness. I am shy,sweet,and somewhat clingy. I do have my issues (anxiety disorder,an eating disorder, selfharm issues)and I work through them as much as I can but I need someone who can understand that sometimes the way I act is not my fault. I need a dominant who is kind, caring, clingy, smart, likes to talk a lot, understanding, and isnt too controlling. Im okay with minor rules but nothing too controlling, Im a little, not a slave. Sex is a big part of the relationship, but I do have my limits and I expect them to be respected. I also wont do anything sexual until I fully trust you, so dont message me wanting something right off the bat. If you think you are fit for the role add me on Kik: hourenparvez telling me your asl and sending a live pic for authenticity. Thank you. gives you…

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