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Gender Man
Age 32
Status Single
Zodiac sign Gemini

About me

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I’m looking for:

  • BDSM Lovers
  • Kinky Dates
  • Friends
  • NSA (no strings...)
  • LTR (relationship)
  • Networking


You will find in me a quirky, kinky but also very mentally D/S focussed person, who moved away from Germany to live together with my partner in Belfast.

I've lived the BDSM Lifestyle back in Germany (Go figure, some stereotypes are true after all), and loved being part of the fetish scene back in Frankfurt.

Mainly i am looking to join a similiar group of friends who enjoy D/S as much as i do. I firmly believe that a D/S bond between an owner and their sub, can be as strong as a vanilla love relationship.

So, how would i describe myself?

  • A switch with heavy submissive tendencies, but able to be dominant to the right people; the kind of people who are a similiar submissive like me.
  • The mental aspect of feeling owned and wanting to please my dominant, is for me my primary goal in a session. And, in fact, i want to keep that sense and feeling of ownership and belonging even after a session has ended.
  • Not to say that i don't enjoy physical kink, however! From gentle and relentless teasing and edging, over masochistic kinks, to wild bound sex, i like a lot, and don't be scared to discuss it with me!
    I describe myself often as a pet, not in a petplay manner. But in the manner that i want to see my owner happy and pleased by pushing my limits, having formed a sense of loyalty to them.

    What am i looking for?

  • A male or female dominant, who is not shy of making me feel like i belong to them, but making it still clear that they care for me. Keeping a dominant hold on me even between playsessions.
  • Simple Playpartners for just harmless and casual kinky fun.
  • A submissive who pushes my right buttons. I don't want to fight or force you for your submission, bratty subs just don't do it for me. I prefer a sub who wants to please me, and do anything for my praise gives you… is like an appetizing smorgasbord in Belfast with lots of hot guys to meet up with. Have a look around first if you prefer to see who’s around, or if you know what you want, search by selecting the right category "Kinky Dating”. Nobody stays alone here for long! has tons going on!

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