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Gender Woman
Age 34
Status Single
Zodiac sign Virgo

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I am 33 years old and i am submissive to some not all... i have been in lifestyle a long time now and vanllia sex is boring to me. unless they know how to turn me on that is.. i have been single for 10 years now without sex and i am really tried of the single life I am goofy at times I am caring honest trustworthy truthful passionate and etc...

what turns me on with men is ... if the kiss me well you know what that will lead into hehe.. my turns on kissing, love bites, touching, wrestling, gliding his hand omg..
and must of all i am very sexual i might not look it or act it ..........

and right i have been confussed for 10 years and I am disable on my right side with brain damage on right side and nerve damage and had a light stroke on my right side..
and i am also very smart.. but when i went out with friends nothing really happened it was just so freaking bored with vanilla's

but I also jerk sometimes it is like something like muscle twitches or something.. but anywho I love playing my video games xbox 360 an ps3 when i get bored with life. and watch my favorite dvd's too

but I am into lots of things in bdsm or taboo or whatever it is called i have fetishes to and kinks but haven't found anyone in 10 years with kink or fetishes they just want a quicky and they lieing bs so it is whatever

so if you want to ask me anything all means go for it gives you…

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