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Objectification, living toy

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I really like to treat people like objects and like to be treated like an object. I like to be used like a chair, and I like to use people as chairs. I like to put people on display, and I like to be put on display. I like to treat people's bodies like plastic dolls, and I like to treated like a plastic doll. Anybody else into a similar thing? I like the idea of somebody using me in the morning, being done with me and then leaving for work or any other reason and when they get home using me again and maybe making me doing something overnight. Like a vacuum or an oven. Like maybe they wake up and watch tv but make me pleasure them while they watch, leave whether I was pleased or not, come back and having me pose naked and having their friends over and I could be a communal sex toy, or posed like a sculpture, or just used as a table or chair. Anybody else into this kind of thing? Any question about what I'm talking about? 

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