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Female Panty Pooping

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This isn't so much about Scat, although it could lead into that. Wearing snug fullback panties under her skirt, some sort of stretchy pants or shorts, office attire, swimsuit, or just her panties.

The deep crackling sound of a huge poop filling her panties, while seeing her expression as one that tells him or her she loves it, and then to share in filling your panties, I have learned in the 80's that there are many women into this. But now, there are thousands! 

The thought of again pooping panties with a woman and having messy sex, well, if this is what you enjoy, you know how I ferl about it.

Meeting in a public place such as a diner and whispering away from prying ears, things can happen.

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9 hours ago, Spunkymonkeydom said:

Please message me 😜

i'd love to sniff your unwiped arse crack mmm


I like the idea of this too.  

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