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If you are turned on by the thought of incorporating some shit into your sex Please indulge yourself, I have been turned on by shit most of my life but like most people would,  I supressed it but you cant change who you are and if it turns you on do it!  I did The same thing with my gay fetish, I missed out on so many opportunities to have so much pleasure I have been kicking myself, so that's why I am going to get an old mattress and put it n te bed, no rubber sheets, etc, my girlfriend has embraced my love f all things filthy including playing with shit and piss, she also is turned on by my love of cock and gay sex, so I have always wanted to play with my girl and having fun both pissing ans shitting on each other and in bed, just having a really nice filthy time. then just laying there resting  covered in our disgusting filth and that turns me on, I do need to find the right guy though as I love cock so much it would be really nice to have one or two Lol. So as I have already died once it certainly woke me up and made me realise that If you like it do it! Like I said I so wish I had done that a lot earlier specially when I had an insatiable sex drive with a cock that just kept on going!


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