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Messy Anal


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Gotta say I've got a new fetish after an experience I had with an absolute stunner Ex Girl of mine who called me into the toilet as I walked past. Not sure what she wanted at first as she was bout to take a poop. Before I knew it she had my pants down sucking my cock as she relieved herself. For me the Taboo of seeing such a hot girl poop is what did it for me not so much the poop itself. She then lent for the TP and reached back to wipe while still gagging me deep! Filled her mouth with cum there and then! Still being hard as she said I should slide into her dirty hole so hell yeah I did! Having my cock deep inside her messy ass she shat all over it until she came like never before! Now I want to try again. 

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Conversation is fine, try not to make any personal ads in the forum though. You can do this in the dating section instead :)

I am new here, and this is my first read, perfect topic. I had the exact same thing happen to me but with my wife. She was half drunk, sitting on the toilet, I walked in, she grabbed my cock and sucked it like crazy. It was a huge turn on knowing that she was taking a dump while sucking me. The smell in the bathroom was rich and ripe and so dirty, it made me super hard. When she reached for the TP, I stopped her, pulled her off the toilet, turned her around, bent her over, pulled her ass cheeks open and rubbed the head of my hard cock on her greasy asshole. It felt so wrong, but so damn good. My dick slid in with ease and it didn't take long before I was filling her ass with cum. The next day she asked about what we did, wanted to know if I liked it or not. That was easy, I loved it. Now we do it like that once or twice a month, save it for special occasions or when she's really feeling naughty.

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