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Love Watersports - but Hardsports...?


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I know I love watersports as I have enjoyed the experience several times.  I particularly enjoy receiving it from a dominant lady, who does it over my face and makes me swallow it.  The feeling it gives me is certainly sexual, and it makes me feel that she is expressing ownership of me and demonstrating the total control she has over me, as well as totally degrading me.

The next natural step would then seem to be to progress to hardsports, with all the same associations applying even more so than with the pissing.  But something tells me I wouldn't enjoy it the way I do watersports.  Something else is telling me, though, that is the very reason I should submit to it, as I really would then be doing something very unpleasant and degrading to satisfy the dominant partner who does it to me.

I wonder whether I will take that step.  Or perhaps a very dominant lady will recognize my mix of fear and desire and simply force me to take it.

Does anyone else share these feelings?

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By hardsports are you referring to scatplay? Sorry I just want to be sure I understand what you are asking.


My partner let me pee on him the first time we were intimate with each other, i like peeing on him and making him wear it coz it makes me feel like he is mine.

We're in the process of moving onto hard sports. Not done it yet but we have discussed trying it, neither of us know if we'll like it but i definiely want to try.


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Good luck with that 35umQueen I hope you both enjoy it.

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Gother name wrong

I have see people using watersport for pissing on some1....from what I know that is golden shower and ...scat play( with shit )...and watersport  is different for example wenn you keep you sub head some time underwater..usually used as punishment combined with other punishments methods but also sex like this is awesome .

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