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Weirder Diaper Play - Or Not?


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I am not AB/DL, but love wearing diapers and I love pee. I have a couple of odd fantasies: I would love to be tied up and have a girl or guy wearing a soggy diaper sit on my face. And I also want to have a soggy diaper wrapped around my head - I have done this one to myself a few times, but really want to be 'made' to do it and not let out for ages. Am I alone?

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I guess everyone has perhaps some kind of guilty pleasures.

Me myself I enjoy it to feel the shame once I wear it near my mother in law, neighbor or any woman basically.
Ive never tried to use my pamper near them though.
But that's how far I get I think.

  • 2 weeks later...

Ill do it if you put me in a diaper💫😊🙃😛😝😜🤪👶

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