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Casual Use of Pet Names & Terms of Endearment


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2 minutes ago, FatefulDestiny said:

Hey the guy who got jealous thought you were a man too, you’re doing well 😝

FFS! This gets better by the second!!
And, back to topic
Thoughts on pet names please as opposed to my gender 😂😂

I call a lot of people “sweetie” without realising as that’s just common with where I’m from, obviously if someone told me to stop I would but nothing is meant by it.
I tend to use pet names like the disparaging twat that I am. If my comment to you begins, "Listen, petal/ sunshine/ sweet pea..." you're about to get ripped a new one.
Agreed. There’s been an increase in the lobby as well with people using honourifics. Find it really disrespectful but thankfully it is still a minority
I'd only be upset if my dom called someone else the same petname he has for me, or if he allowed someone else to call him sir....other than that being called hun, sweetie, darling etc doesn't bother me, nor would it bother me if my dom called another woman that

Throwing my own two cents into the pot here:

After 40 years of being raised in the South (Mississippi, USA), I've been called these types of names myself in about every context and, with any intent, you can imagine-- yes, from sweet old ladies on the street-who know my family, but not really me; to cat calls; to creeps trying to pick me up at work; to friends and family; partners; D/s honorifics; "killing them with kindness" sarcasm/irony (e.g. the famous "Bless your Heart, sweetie) etc etc...

I --having a terrible memory for names -but being great with faces-- have also USED these monikers myself, in certain social situations:  while waiting tables and working counters, at school or in groups of new people, and even online while getting to know folks.

I never came across anyone who ever (showed or said they) minded, until a couple of years ago. At first, it really blew me away! How could anyone think that was rude, or not like being called such sweet names? *I* would never...but then I took a step back and put myself in their shoes by remembering how awful I feel when someone calls me "ma'am". And how I went round and round trying to explain it to my parents when they expected me to teach my kid to ALWAYS use Ma'am and Sir when addressing someone. Not gonna happen. I'm teaching them they can say Yes (not yeah or uh huh) OR Yes, Ma'am/Sir, but that it is up to them and what the other person feels comfortable with as well, and not to assume. From what I have gathered, and not just my own feeling, both ma'am and sir have been on their way out for a long while...just a bit slower here, with our long Southern goodbyes lol 

Perhaps casual pet names will follow behind, who am I to say, and if they do, I will continue adapting as I have. The first time I catch myself wanting to use a pet name now, especially online, I go ahead and ask if the person I'm conversing with is comfortable with me calling them/using casual pet names. If so, great! If not, I Don't Do It. Is it hard? Not so much now as it was. Do I mess up sometimes? Yeah. But I listen, and I try my best. And that's all I can do. 





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