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Forced Incontinence turned fun?! (Part my Story)


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Hi, I am new around here. but i was reading some of the other stories and wanted to share mine.


around 2 and half years ago I had a accident that hurt my already excruciating pain in my back and Neck, the injury has left me with no feeling for peeing and the inability to push normally.

Due to this I take Dulcolax every 2 days to make things go. timing is important as going out anywhere things can get a bit of a mess.

Since the accident I've been wearing "diapers" adult pants or w/e you wanna call em "nappies" anyway, I hated the feeling to start with and after a few accidents, I began to get used to the fact it was going to happen and 90% of time got no warning to pee. 

Boxers were out and Nappies were the new fashion. my Wife supported me with this and I slowly started to even "like" and joke about filling a nappie.


The Real Fetish started when I got into the shower for a general shower and wash, I ended up with my butt exploding where the tablets had kicked in a lot sooner than expected 4-6hours. and my butt went only 1 hour after taking the pills, anyway.. i ended up with crap all over me and my legs, so in trying to rub it off and clean my self up, I noticed how nice the feeling was.

i was very turned on by the fact I had shit in the shower and over my self. after this I started to spread it down my legs almost every time I went into the shower. Now I do this like a ritual and I take my "personal" time to spread and... well I find it DE_Stressing... like all the crap in life rubs on.. and take some of the worries when I wash it off.

My wife is in the know of what I do. even helped once, but shes not into this... at any point.


Its not complete, but because I wear diapers anyway its been easier for me to enjoy my self like this, as well as the feeling of peeing. i feel it run but never know when the next one is gonna be... its fun, annoying and can be embarrassing, but I have learned to just chill. let it happen and enjoy.. 


my bad spelling and combine that with 5am, lol going to bed- will edit spelling tomorrow lol.
Thanks for reading


*FYI I was in a car crash 6 years ago, caused my to start loosing the feeling* the fall 2 and half years ago made all that worse. but I think even if I could fix my bladder I would still ware diapers and enjoy it. 

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