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Can someone give me another hint for grid 7?

PLEASE, some help with this:

Day3 Clue6 - Grid23 - did you take part in a modelling competition? Now you have a chance.

Thanks in advance…
I got it, so many thanks to all
Day 19 - Clue #22 - Grid #6 - these extra naughty kinksters are put here for a reason

Sorry I have not posted clues in a little over a week but here they are:

Clue #12: My kinks or sins should go here but they're not

Clue #13: Not in the mood to hear comments on your photos? Set these

Clue #14: These used to come all rolled up with the latest news

Clue #15: These people are on my f____ list

Clue #16: Want to see how you look? Look here

Clue #17: Just browsing? Be sure you have these set to find what you're looking for

Clue #18: Is it time to advertise yourself?

Clue #19: Your chosen people are here

Clue #20: Want to know how to interact? Take a look at these

Clue #21: All clubs have these perks of _____

Clue #22: Naughty list goes here

6 hours ago, seattle576 said:
nice i need some clues

Here we go clues as of today:
Day1 Clue1 - Grid 4 - birds of the same feather flock together - save them to your A list.
Day1 Clue2 - Grid12 - This is something to set to keep intruders away
Day1 Clue3 - Grid19 - ding dong - and you will see what's going on the app
Day2 Clue4 - Grid11 - Always update this every few months to keep thieves away
Day2 Clue5 - Grid14 - be it any occasion birthday or anniversary, everyone gets it and loves it
Day3 Clue6 - Grid23 - did you take part in a modelling competition? Now you have a chance
Day4 Clue7 - Grid8 - if someone want to message you they better understand the guidelines of engagement
Day5 Clue8 - Grid2 - did you get a good selfie, then show it off
Day6 Clue 9 - Grid13 - to the left, to the right before doing that set your parameters
Day7 Clue 10 - Grid22 - check you daily rewards -be it commenting, be it liking someone pic or playing games here
Day8 Clue 11 - Grid 17 - if someone checks you out, maybe they marked your pic, you will know if that's done
Day9 Clue 12 - Grid05 - confess your sins and others will know your turn ons
Day 10 Clue 13 - Grid24 - if you want to restrict anyone to leave a remark anywhere then switch it ON
Day 11 Clue 14 - Grid 3 - launch the rocket from base and before that make sure you expand the age and area where to fire it
Day 12 Clue 15 - Grid 9 - if you came across someone, speak to that person and like them, you can add them to your A list
Day 13 Clue16 - Grid10 – better check yourself out to see how others see you
Day 14 Clue17 - Grid21 – if you are looking for that special person better to set the criteria and you can find the person within reach
Day 15 Clue18 - Grid16 – why not market yourself and others will know good things about you
Day 16 Clue19 - Grid20 – this is the person in need is the one indeed whom you talk ever other day for advice or support
Day 17 Clue20 - Grid18 – being on the app/website and interacting with others comes with its guidelines of engagement
Day 18 Clue21 - Grid7 – the exclusive club gives you different levels of benefits, so why not join it
Day 19 Clue22 - Grid6 – if you don't like someone usher them into cyberspace and you will find then in your X list

Day 19 - Clue #22 - Grid #6 - Is this where you keep a note of your favourite Lego?
Somebody know where i can find Grid 1 and Grid 15?
16 hours ago, RossJacks said:

How do I get back or refund icons I gifted? The are not in the same place

You can't reclaim them once gifted, but you can collect them again. Just go to the pinned post with the numbers with blue background... Click on each number and it takes you to the clues for that number

Day 20 - Clue #23 - Grid #1 - Whisper a call to your chosen circle, urging them to join your journey.
Day 20 - Clue #23 - Grid #1 - Let your pals know but be sure to add an RSVP - if they come along bonus points await

Grid 11 & 15 I'm stuck on 😕. If anyone can help, much appreciated 😉👍

5 minutes ago, Typicalwoman said:

Grid 11 & 15 I'm stuck on 😕. If anyone can help, much appreciated 😉👍

This is my clue for #11, with an extra hint - hopefully it helps, if not feel free to message me for more. Grid #15 hasn't been released yet, is the last one outstanding and will be released tomorrow:
Day 2 - Clue #4 - Grid #11 – You need this for access but shhhhh it's a secret
Something you need every time you sign in

Stuck on #1 and #15 😤
43 minutes ago, gemini_man said:

Day 20 - Clue #23 - Grid #1 - Let your pals know but be sure to add an RSVP - if they come along bonus points await

Can you give me another clue please? 

Clue 23
I’m having a party, so I am going to send one of these out please RSVP
I can’t find the clue 20, some help please?
Day 19 Clue22 - Grid1 – birds of the same feather flock together, so bring them to join the party
Completely stuck on square 18
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