Personal details

Gender Woman
Age 45
Status Single
Height 165cm
Weight 75kg
Body shape Curvy
Eye colour Green
Hair colour Brown
Hair length Long
Ethnicity Caucasian white
Origin England
Breast size F
Zodiac signs Libra

About me

I’m looking for:


lets do this again so people have a better idea of who/what i am, i have known i was into bdsm since my mid 20's before then i believed there was something wrong with me as after all who in the hell likes to feel a pair of hands around their throat? 'angry' sex being thrown to the bed possibly tied up? that's a just couple of things that i used to think, over the years i tried to explore as much as i could then i got married to a 'kinky vanilla' where i supressed most of my feelings believing one day he would be a Master to me. It never happened and after many years i found myself feeling trapped and dead inside. This was one of the reasons we parted ways another reason was my PTSD that i got in 2014 , it is relatively well managed and i manage to hold a full time job down.
i have spent lots of time over the years on various chat rooms including running my own room, i love this life style and for me as i have found out over time i am a born submissive brat with little tendencies, i have been Owned and worn my Masters collar with pride, i have also had a Daddy, i find that when i meet and learn about someone their 'Title/ Honorific' becomes apparent.
i will write things i like in desires and fantasies in a moment!
i like talking to people hence why i respond to as many messages as possible, please keep in mind just because i do this it does not mean i am looking to meet/fuck you!!
Can’t believe i am being forced to have to write these ‘rules’ due to ‘Doms’ (and I use that loosely!)

  1. If you live more than a 1hr drive away dont bother!
  2. I do smoke on occasions
  3. I’m not interested in quick flings or fucks i can get that from a vanilla
  4. On a first meeting do NOT expect any sexual contact
  5. I deserve to be treated with respect
  6. I am not after any financial support, however a first meet will be treated like a vanilla date so a drink etc will now be expected!
  7. I am someone who relies mainly on texts NOT phonecalls or FaceTime etc
  8. Pictures will now be heavily restricted as you can get your porn somewhere else
  9. Tasks will not be done unless you do become my Owner/Master/Daddy
  10. I can’t change my age, I am a ‘older’ submissive
  11. If something does happen between us and you do have pictures etc when/if things don’t work out I expect you to delete them straight away just as i will for you! I do not expect to find out months later you still have them!
    If any off these things offends you then move on to the next sub/vanilla / housewife you see! i am a born submissive with flaws, i also know i have a lot to give and offer i have been told many times that i am special and to a degree i am as i’m open minded and willing to try almost anything but that doesn’t make me a walk over I’m a submissive for fuck sake!!
    My big boots are on and I’m not afraid to trample on the twats and fucktards!!


i am a born submissive with little tendencies, i find it much easier to write my kinks than actually say them out loud!
i have different sides ranging from DDlg to humiliation and degradation, i have been Daddy's little girl Masters dirty little cunt His whore, His slut.
i am a pleaser despite being a brat and nothing punishes me more than myself. i enjoy being spanked, tied up, wearing my plugs, choked, hair pulling, belted just to name a few, i love giving blowjobs especially from soft so it can grow in my mouth hence the tattoo i have near my left hip which i also state was something I wanted to get and designed with some help!!

My roles & archetype gives you…

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