Kinky Date18 to 80 years ● 500km around Turkey, Konya 18.05.2024 - 20.05.2024
Kinky Date18 to 80 years ● 500km around UK, Southampton 18.05.2024 - 20.05.2024

I have homes and businesses I own and manage in both Northern Colorado and Southern Florida. I am a great companion. Fun, daring, smart about lots of things (except knowing what you're thinking), good at communication, willing, interested, and open to whatever your desires may be. I’m eager to explore your deepest desires. My aspiration? To become the dream you never knew you had. I crave those shared moments where we unravel the mysteries of our chemistry. I always treat a woman with respect, dignity, attentiveness, and patience. In return, I seek nothing less. I crave the essence of true connection, aiming to be the fantasy you never knew existed. For the best night possible, our approach to our evening would be well served if we would craft an irresistible first date brimming with intimate looks and conversation that seems to light a fire. Join me on a journey where every glance, every touch, leads us to something beyond friendship, beyond expectation. Life's surprises await, ready to weave a tale of passion and discovery between us? Let's grab a drink and allow destiny to carve our path in thrilling ways to see what happens. Maybe we'll rendezvous under the stars making out at the beach, with a midnight skinny-dipping escapade? The ocean as our backdrop, the moon as our witness – the night is ours. I'm confident you'll find our time together beautiful, and who knows, perhaps it'll blossom into a great friendship or something more. Love isn't my primary aim, just what's missing, but we all know you never know.

I'm on here to find someone who can handle my spice level in both jokes and cooking - just like my search filter settings. Let's match and see if we can handle the heat together! 🔥
I am white, clean cut, shaved and groomed, have a dick thats very nice, reliable and gets delivered with passion and excitement, have a very low body count but have had incredible relationships that had sex most couples dream about, I am versatile regarding my style. This means if the chemistry needs my dominance or submission, either way I can please you. I am very obsessed with your parts. I might make a woman orgasam 5 or 6 times with my mouth before I ever get past the four play. I am a highly skilled professional in my career and just need some hot, nasty sex lol.

Kinky Date18 to 80 years ● 25km around USA, Aventura 41 minutes ago

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