You’re my new neighbor. You just moved in and don’t have your utilities set up yet. You have a job interview over Zoom in a few minutes and really need a WiFi connection for an hour or so. You’re dressed up, looking GORGEOUS, but smart, hoping to land this new role.

It’s mid-morning, You are fairly certain that I work from home since you’ve seen me during the daytime. You decide to take a chance and see if I’ll be kind enough to let you use my WiFi.

You knock and I open my door. You introduce yourself as my neighbor and explain your situation. I totally get it and say it wouldn’t be a problem. The only thing is that I also have a meeting at the same time, so you’d have to make your call from my BEDROOM so that I could have my living room for my meeting. You’re just HAPPY to have a WiFi connection so you can do your interview. You NEED this job so badly.

I show you my place and my bedroom and tell you that you can get set up and I’ll grab the password from my desk in the living room.

I come back into the bedroom, but you notice I’ve close the door behind me. The look on your face as my hand goes over your mouth to MUFFLE the scream…🥵

I slap you and tell you that this will all be over if you don’t fight it. I put my hand around your throat and pull your panties down. My fingers are inside of you. You’re begging me to stop. YOU keep pleading that you won’t say anything. You don’t understand why you’re so WET though.

I grab my yoga strap and BOUND your hands. The strap is long enough for me to also wrap it around your NECK. I give it a good squeeze and you know there’s no escape. All you can do BEG me to stop and hope that its’s over soon.

I pull my dick out and as I am about to fuck you, you start fighting back, trying to push me away, but I’m so much STRONGER than you. I tighten the grip on the strap and you feel it squeeze a little tighter around your neck.

I push my dick inside of you and you’re BEGGING me not to do this. You’re keep saying “please stop” and that you won’t tell anyone. But I’m DOMINATING you. There isn’t a way out of this.

I take my time using your body in different positions. Every time you try to push me away I *** myself deeper into you and slap you to make sure you understand who’s in control. You know you’re MY cumslut now.

I’m close to cum’n so I use your throat and have you gagging on my cock until I cum all over your face.

You can do your interview now…

Sound fun? I work from home. We can DEFINITELY make this a reality.


Me: Just shy of 6ft. Black/Asian. I work out regularly. I’m an attentive lover and know how to make my partner feel safe with me and the subspace we enter. I’m kind, witty, charming and interesting. I always smell good.

You: HWP. Submissive. Kinky. Sexy. Open-minded. Charismatic. Sane.


My DM’s are open. I will want to video verify and have a conversation before I invite you to my home. Let’s establish our boundaries and safe word before meeting.

NSA18 to 80 years ● 25km around USA, San Jose 2 hours ago

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