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Called the Emerald Isle because of its beautiful green landscape, Ireland is world-renowned for its beautiful countryside. But that's not the only thing it's famous for. You've probably heard of the drink, Guinness, with 10 million pints produced a day. But, did you know up until 1980 it was illegal in Ireland to serve a pint to a woman? Thankfully, that’s all changed. Ireland is also famous for St Patrick and Shamrocks - but where is all the kink at in BDSM Ireland?

As you might expect, the main focus of the kink scene happens in Ireland's capital, Dublin. Along with 666 licensed pubs and the Guinness factory, there are lots of things to do for kinky dating in Ireland. Looking for a Femdom in Ireland? There are loads of events you can try out to find your perfect playmate.

BDSM Ireland shopping

Check out BDSM shopping opportunities and kink up your kit for kinky dating in Ireland. Basic Instincts is a sophisticated boutique selling masks and other fetish wear and items in Temple Bar, Dublin. The beautifully restored Georgian building opened in 1990 and is a fab place to shop for fetish equipment. Also in Dublin is South William Adult Boutique, a discreet and exclusive erotic boutique for all your BDSM Ireland needs.

Kinky places for dates in Ireland

Once a month Nimhneach in Dublin is a great place to meet fellow kinksters for BDSM fun with a meet and greet beforehand for newbies so you can walk into the club with others and not on your own. Go ahead and pull out your best fetish outfits for some kinky fun dates in Ireland.

42 is not only the answer to life, the universe and everything for Douglas Adams fans but also it's a Cork kink club. Incredibly discreet, attendees get address details a few days before the party, you know you're going to have serious fun here.

There's another BDSM Ireland event you can check out. Cork KINK club events happen regularly in the city centre. LGBTQI friendly and fully vetted, it's a wonderfully warm and welcoming space for kinksters.

And talking of LGBTQI friendly, for gay fetish dating Ireland there's Geared Ireland which is run not-for-profit and holds all kinds of kink-friendly events from markets to fetish balls for all sorts of kinky dates in Ireland. They even run a leather pride event in Dublin every year for all who love leather.

There's also The Loft if traditional dating Ireland isn't your thing. Located in Cork, Ireland, The Loft has an indoor gay cruising club with glory holes, a cinema, dark rooms and lockable cabins. Enjoy the excitement of cruising but without the worries that come with your usual cruising spots.

However, if you prefer cruising in your car, then soak up the beautiful coastal view on the Wild Atlantic Way, that stretches from County Donegal's cliffs down to the County Cork beaches. It's the longest defined coastal driving route in the world at 2500 KM, and it passes through nine counties and three provinces.

And of course, there's the Blarney Stone, which if you kiss gives you great eloquence referred to as the 'gift of the gab'. And communication is vital for any fetish fun and games. There are lots of options for fetish dating in Ireland, and it's such a beautiful country you can go out and make your fun - be sure not to get into the public eye if you're thinking about dogging or some outdoor bondage.

Enjoy the luck of the Irish by exploring BDSM Ireland. Find others to join you on your journey right here, and share your kinky dating in Ireland tips in our forum; it's good to share after all!

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