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We’re all about pushing boundaries but also consent. Keeping it as kink-positive and open minded as possible. As a member of the press you likely share our vision for spreading knowledge and getting people connected. So go on, take a closer look.

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Keep it kinky!

The Fetish.com team
For some, fetish and kink can be a dark world of mysterious dungeons filled with latex covered dominatrixes, unidentified objects going into places you never thought possible and people lining up to get trampled on. We could go on, but you should really just go have a look around for yourself. And while this other stuff may all be part of the fun there’s more to it than all that. A lot more.

Our alternative lifestyle can only exist because of one thing: trust. A deep and honest truth. The backbone of a healthy community is always trust. An open mind can see the truth and discover it happily. Nothing is taboo here, everything is safe to talk about and share- consensually of course. That’s the other part of trust. Consent and the safety that comes with it.

Today dating is all about left and right swipes, quick fixes and endless questions or dick pics. On Fetish.com we want to slow things down a bit. Get to know you and your kinks. Allow you to express yourself in all your kinktastic glory so you can find the right person or people in a safe place with no fear of judgement.

It all started back in 2004, with a band of German brothers: David, Julius and Robby. The brothers saw a hole that needed filling - free dating websites were hard to come by back then. So they created a dating community called Poppen.de The first year saw 100,000 members register, proving to the brothers they were on the right track. As popularity grew so did the site, adding new features and different types of paid memberships, but always keeping the basis of a free dating site.

Five years later Poppen.de was booming as one of the busiest websites in Germany. As the company grew so did their reach into other markets and partner sites. New features and benefits grew as well. Soon members were able to enjoy text and video chat. As numbers continued to rise they started working on new ways to process large amounts of incoming data and ensure security for their members. By 2012 Poppen reached three million users! At this point smartphones had taken over, so naturally member benefits expanded to versions for mobile devices.

And now in 2017, the brand spanking new version of Fetish.com is strutting its kinky stuff for all the world to see. With the focus to build a strong kink-positive dating community and provide content that educates vanillas and thrills kinksters while breaking down taboos about the mysterious and wonderful world of fetish.

Fetish is about being who you are and surrounding yourself with safe, fun and trustworthy fetishists to enjoy the pleasures of kink. It’s about discovery and finding what makes you happy, sexually or otherwise. No matter what you’re into, there’s someone for everyone on Fetish.com. So try us out for free and together we can build a kink-positive world!

Keep it kinky!

The Fetish.com team
Not only are we kinky, but we’re also nerdy (yes, geek kink is a thing). We occasionally send out surveys to our members to find out what everyone is up to in their own kinktastic worlds. If you need some information for a story, let us know and we can nerd out over kinky stuff.
Atze Schröder: Cheating Has To Be Worth It

Interview 3/6/2015MoPo

“How did you actually plan out your program?”
“Among other things I went on dating-sites naturally for research purposes only!” “And what did your research reveal?” “That cheating these days is incredibly easy. You just have to exchange a few messages and you’re off.”

“Our Members Stand Out for Their Sexual Openness and their Tolerance of Others”

Julius Dreyer with Interview- 11/20/2014 Onlinedating-Experten.de

” Our focus as a dating community is on members being able to fulfill their desires and find suitable partners in an easy and fun way. We focus on making their search as easy as possible.”

From Young Start-Up Companies to Market Leaders

By Kurt Ehmke 11/11/2014

” […] they bring in hundreds of millions of clicks to their websites. According to the company, it is a platform for people to arrange one-night stands, and it has more than 3.9 million members […]”

“Click for Sex”

By Sabine Sonnenschein with Community Manager, Christian 1/1/2014 Medienconcret

” We have a clear orientation, we put great emphasis on a human-focused philosophy and vision. As you understand by our name, we are about direct and straightforward fulfillment of sexual needs and desires […]”

Kinky Subcultures

By Nina Paelchai 5/16/2013 Stern

“ She [a friend] wasn’t having sex with her husband anymore. So she signed up for the site Now she has three lovers […] She’s satisfied. And according to her, so is her unsuspecting husband.”

What Really Happens?

“… Since my partner and I like to have spectators during sex, we go on the site to find other couples who are also into parking lot sex, and by early evening things are on a roll.”

Sex Scandal? Deputy Deletes Ominous Facebook Listing

By Peter Voith 7/1/2011 Weser Kurier

“Was it the Langwedeler CDU MP Andreas Mattfeldt (41) or a malicious coworker perhaps? Did he not know that by clicking the Like button would promote a link to the site? Or is he the victim of an internet hacker who wanted to play a cruel joke on him? One thing is certain: the deputy’s Facebook page said that he, like 919 others, likes the website “P oppen. De – Free Hookups with Video Chat and Erotic Forum””

Naked Among Friends

By Jörg Blech 3/2/2009 Spiegel.de:

“… The Internet, from its very creation, has seen great enthusiasm for building communities; everything from roleplay guilds to international emu breeders. But its power goes beyond discussing common interests. It’s about friendship, connectedness, the very core of the social.”

Emma: A Female Reporter on the Sex Front

By Katja Kullman 1/1/2009EMMA

“… All was going smoothly and without fanfare – perfect! Especially for the wife! Especially for you! One needs to find out whether one is looking for a “professional” or a “private” partner, and then look through photos for the right type. It’s best to go on brief first dates with a number of candidates. “

Sexual Communities

By Christoph Cadenbach 14/11/2008 SZ-Magazin.de

“… Wet women and hard men now have a hot place to meet up: P oppen.de. P oppen.de is like the Schnaps of hookup sites: it’s not just for sipping, it’s for swallowing…”

Yesterday Bielfeld, Today Shanghai

By Markus Wanzeck 18/10/2008 Stern.de

“… A newly-founded dating community site, P oppen.de, has, with its provocative name, become one of the largest dating services on the German-language internet. They are adding night shifts to keep the site running. …”

Fantasy A Click Away

1. 11. 2007 Max.de

“… “That’s kind of more than a one night stand, but less than an affair. The young hookup generation lives by the motto: are you still chatting or can we fuck already?” …”

Competence at cheating Sueddeutsche.de

“… or the very straightforward, there is P oppen.de or AdultFriendFinder, where for a confirmation that I am at least 18, I can see pictures of attractive pornstars in flesh-colored panoramas. …”

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